20 Videos of Coaches Trying to Dance

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 21, 2013

20 Videos of Coaches Trying to Dance

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    Everyone loves getting down to a good beat every once in awhile, so it's not uncommon for some of our favorite athletes to cut a rug.

    When we see our favorite coaches animated on the sidelines, it's pretty funny to mash them up with a song or two, but once they try and do it for real, though funny, it's not such a great sight.

    Since it's impossible not to just want to dance, here's some good videos of coaches boogying on down.

    Here's a tip though—stick to the X's and O's.

Jim Flanery, Creighton University

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    We give the Bluejay women's head coach some serious cred for getting up on stage to support a good cause, but good Lord, he could have maybe practiced a bit more.

    He's on the right track by using a prop while burning the planks, but lifting your hat up and down doesn't quite constitute as dancing to us.

Beau Baldwin, Eastern Washington University

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    For Baldwin, the head football coach at small school Eastern Washington, we just can't help but smile each time we watch this video.

    The dougie was a hit back a couple years ago, so for him to celebrate the team's championship by breaking it out in front of fans and his team, he gets solid recognition.

Anonymous Head Coach I

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    We have no idea who the hell this guy is or what sport he actually coaches—though it looks like middle or high school kids—but he gets the award for the "Most Unassuming" coach on this list.

    Whether he was celebrating a hard earned victory or just proving to his players that he hasn't lost it, we remind him that every single kid these days has a camera phone, and to always expect for them to use it when given the chance.

Anonymous Head Coach II

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    Okay, so admittedly, this isn't a coach who's really breaking it down like some of the others on this list, but in his unrehearsed celebration of a big hit, he gives us a very Michael Jackson moment.

    There's no way in hell you can watch this and not picture him throwing it out there on the dance floor.

Jay Wright, Villanova University

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    One thing we know about Jay Wright is that the dude has got some serious style.

    His dance moves, though? They might need a little bit of work.

    For getting the school president involved with the men's head coach during a flash mob a couple years ago, though, we pay him some respect.

Dick Fain, Mt. Rainier High School

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    One of our all-time favorite coaches-trying-to-dance videos, this high school coach doesn't hold anything back for his team after earning a trip to the State tournament.

    Showing a good mix of moves, he ends it by laying on the ground with a classic pose.

    Who needs choreographing when you can just make it up as you go?

    Not coach Fain, that's for sure.

Gary Blair, Texas A&M University

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    Though we've seen different renditions of the "Harlem Shake" these days—and we're just now getting over those "Gangnam Style" parodies—one dance move that's stood the test of time is the moonwalk.

    Problem is, Blair, the women's head basketball coach, looks like he's doing a combo between the chicken dance and the walk MJ made so famous. 

    Add in the matter-of-fact point after making the shot, and it just gets weird.

    A&M as a school has had a phenomenal year boasting the Heisman winner and a rejuvenation of its athletic programs, but this was not one of its finer moments.

John Beilein and Kevin Borseth, University of Michigan

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    Great job by the normally calm Beilein for setting this up perfectly.

    After a couple steps of his usual "coach walk," he busts out the swaying of the arms before bringing the crowd into it by signaling them to get out their seats.

    Classic old white guy move.

Sean Branick, Ohio State University

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    It may not be Urban Meyer, but 2012 defensive line intern Sean Branick gives some of the Buckeye players a sneak peek into what he might bust out to celebrate should the team ever win a national title.

    While the players shake it—including one risking it all and donning just a towel—the Assistant Coach shows he's no slouch when the spotlight's on him.

Buzz Williams, Marquette University

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    Williams caught some heat for the dance he broke out while on the road in Morgantown, but regardless of how fans feel about it, we kind of like the subtle moves.

    His ballroom skit here might be pretty good, but they've got nothing on his insane sideline antics, as we see here.

Bo Ryan Part I, University of Wisconsin

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    We admit that Ryan has some serious moves by cranking that Soulja Boy, but while it appears he's kept those mid-'70s moves in for awhile, it's a little bit creepy that no one else is around while he's doing this.

    Guess he just sticks to the saying, "Dance like nobody's watching."

Bo Ryan Part II, University of Wisconsin

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    Maybe we're just completely out of the loop (or not quite as cool as we think), but before Googling "hambone dance," we had never before seen this thing.

    After his weird rendition of the dougie, though, we guess this is a bit of an upgrade—and a lot more tame—so we can appreciate Ryan's many skills.

    Hell, he even breaks out singing on top of the dancing.

Tony Ramos, Former Tampa Bay Rays Coach

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    As a bullpen coach, guys typically don't get recognized for their work—though all they seem to do is hold a clipboard and talk on the phone with the manager in the dugout anyway.

    Former Rays coach Ramos shows that while he may not be well-known to fans, he definitely knows how to have a good time.

    We prefer our chair dancing routine to have a girl in it, but Ramos isn't shy to shake it from his seat like some of the ladies do.

Pat Riley, Miami Heat

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    When you see Riley breakout his dance moves when celebrating the Heat title back in 2006, one thing becomes very obvious—he's no rookie.

    Seems to us like he's trying to mix some new-age moves with the classic salsa dancing he's accustomed to in South Beach, shaking those hips and wobbling those legs.

Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis Colts

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    Pagano's has had an emotional, roller-coaster past twelve months.

    First, he left the Baltimore Ravens as their defensive coordinator to accept his first NFL head coaching gig in Indy.

    Three games into the season, he unfortunately got diagnosed with cancer, creating a rallying cry from the entire league to be Chuckstrong.

    So when he busts these moves out in the Colts locker room, one can't help but feel good for the guy, especially since he uses the best fake prop known to man, the air guitar, on several occasions.

Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State University

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    Who knows what Gundy was dancing to after finding out his Cowboys had been selected to play Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl in 2012, but one thing's a fact—dude's got some flexibility.

    Of course, if you're a fan of the OSU football program, seeing the head man get down isn't really anything new.

Tubby Smith, University of Minnesota

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    We're not quite sure what's going on with our main man Tubby these days?

    While at UK, it wasn't uncommon to pass Smith in the halls of Rupp and barely get more than a stoic nod in recognition of a poor student assistant walking by.

    These days, he's rocking a 'stache and getting down with his team.

    Maybe it's his version of a midlife crisis or something?

Herb Hand, Vanderbilt University

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    The worm!?!

    We haven't seen that since our friend's Bar Mitzvah 15 years ago!

    But just because it's something either teenage kids learn as their first go-to dance move or drunk invitees at a wedding try (miserably), doesn't mean it still doesn't get a standing ovation when on display.

Matthew Mitchell, University of Kentucky

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    It's one thing to come out to MC Hammer.

    It's a completely different story when coming out to MC Hammer in full Hammer style.

    For doing his best to make Big Blue Madness even more memorable than it already is, the Cats' women's coach earns high praise.

Gib Arnold, University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa

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    When someone lands a gig as a basketball coach in a state like Hawai'i, it's not uncommon to be a little jealous.

    After all, the weather's perfect, the scenery is picturesque and there's women running around in bikinis every day.

    Oh, but there's also traditions we don't see on the mainland.

    Arnold gets major dap for owning up to some of those by busting out this dance, sans shirt and pom-pom anklets intact.