Watch NBA Legend Charles Barkley Entertain on the Price Is Right

Brett David Roberts@33TriggerCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2013

Apparently Charles Barkley isn't willing to pay full price for vintage films.

In his appearance on The Price Is Right, Chuck told Drew Carey it's a "ripoff" to pay $10 for the classic film Look Who's Talking Now.

Unless you're buying used copies off of eBay, it doesn't seem as though you're too likely to find new DVDs for $3.00.

The next item brought more hilarity still: a pair of Charles Barkley Air Max Nikes.

Chuck was willing to spend more on these.

"$125," he says with a smug smile.

"They are: $140!"

Chuck looked pleased to know his kicks still sell for good money.  

He made sure to add that he'd "never want to see a woman with a size-16 shoe," when they asked him to bid on the dress that he wore in the Weight Watchers commercial.

Chuck's lowest bid though came on something I happen to possess myself: a Kenny Smith rookie card. Barkley was willing to bid $1.00 on Smith's card, which turned out to be close to its actual value (according to The Price Is Right) of $1.50. Plus, Barkley could have had it autographed by his little buddy and been able to sell it for at least three times that.

Chuck also found it hard to believe that a 2013 Cadillac Escalade sells for $80,000. Barkley figured he could pick up a luxury SUV of that caliber for $65,000. So, he wasn't within the required $10,000 range to win a point for the vehicle, but the audience member that won $300 on Chuck's appearance looked more than happy as he was told to "come on down."

Barkley provided his usual hilarity for the atypical audience that doesn't often see him appear on Inside the NBA.  His humor was undoubtedly as well-liked from the retirement-aged crowd as it is by our youngsters today; Chuck is timeless.


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