R.I.P. WWE Tag Team Revival: 2012-2013

Andy SoucekFeatured ColumnistFebruary 20, 2013

photo via wwe.com
photo via wwe.com

It was inevitable.

After years of being on life support, there were finally some signs of life.  

Fans got their hopes up because this time WWE was serious. They were listening to their own beloved WWE Universe, and seemed ready to cave-in.

The long overdue tag team resurrection was about to take place.

Then, without any fanfare, it died.  

For a brief moment, we were given hope that this time things were going to be different.

Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow were teamed up, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara could deliver some high-flying action and Team Hell No was all over TV.

Even better was the fact that there were no groan worthy teams holding back the division. Deuce and Dominio, The Dicks, The Heartthrobs and The Gymini were nowhere to be found.

Then, just as quickly, things came full circle.

Right now, the only decent teams (from a winning percentage stand point) in the entire WWE Tag Division are Team Hell No, Brodus Clay and Tensai and The Great Khali and Hornswoggle.

Think about that for a moment and let it sink in.

What is frustrating is that things seemed to be fine before WWE gave up. Then it all fell apart.

The Primetime Players were inexplicably buried, Primo and Epico can’t handle The Great Khali and Hornswoggle, management seems to have soured on Sin Cara, The Usos (SPOILER) lost to The Big Show in a handicap match on Main Event), the 3MB is a group of jobbers, Tyson Kidd is injured and Team Hell No seems on the verge of breaking up.

It shouldn't come as a shock though. In actuality, there never was a revival. WWE was never invested in promoting their tag team division. To them, it’s basically the joke division. It's been presented that way for years, and there's no sign of things changing.

Why bother making Tensai and Brodus Clay an unstoppable tag team when they could dance instead?

Why bother making Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre a legitimate tag team when they could play air guitar instead?

Why bother having the talented Primo and Epico win their matches when they could get destroyed by Khali and Hornswoggle instead?

Part of the problem was that WWE ran through every possible combination of big tag matches within weeks. There was no anticipation for The Rhodes Scholars vs. Team Hell No. It just happened, and then it happened a few more times.

Another mistake was that whenever a guy like Cena, Sheamus, Orton or Ryback needed a quick win a tag wrestler was thrown in to take the fall. It was all just a way for the company to kill time on their bloated six hours of programming to fill each week.

Right now the focus is solely on the WWE, Heavyweight, Intercontinental and US Titles.

The titles are defended in one-on-one matches between men. Other titles that would add variation to the card like the Divas and Tag Titles have again been reduced to the background.

We should get used to it. The days of The Legion of Doom, Demolition, The Hart Foundation, The Rockers, The Hardyz, The Dudley Boys, and Edge and Christian are long gone.

No tag team renaissance of any kind will be happening in the near future.

It was nice while it lasted, but it’s time to get back to watching Khali and Hornswoggle dance. That’s apparently what passes for entertainment these days.