New Yankee Stadium: A Chip Off the Old Block

Joseph JoveContributor IApril 9, 2009

Nothing stays the same forever. Everything surrounding us is in a constant state of evolution or change, if you will. What we knew then is no longer now, and what we know now will one day cease to exist.

Change has arrived for a sports franchise that takes extra pride in keeping tradition very sacred. But change is here in a "deja-vu all over again" sort of way.

"The house that another George built" is once again the biggest baddest sports venue of professional sports in America, like it's predecessor before it once was.

Nothing was held back for the comfort of the players and the Yankee die hard, truly a very well thought of building.

Regular fans can immediately see the similarities to the old stadiums. The Yankee top brass has really put forward an effort to inject this new facility with lethal doses of old and older Yankee stadiums from across the street.

Pumping through the corridors of this castle will be the ancient ghosts from Yankee Wonderland. Babe will be spotted by many Yankee faithful making an appearance or two along with his old Yankee comrades.

Heck, with all the new bars, lounges and martini bars in this place it would be a wonder if the Babe will ever leave. Would you?

I would really like to name this stadium the pentagon of baseball, because it's just freaking huge man!

Lets bury the Cathedral in the past along with the rest of "the house that Ruth built" as much as it hurts me to write that, it has to be done.

This new stadium has not earned Cathedral status yet, this new stadium has not played one regular season game yet. So what shall we call her (other than Yankee Stadium) then?

Well it makes sense to call her "the Pentagon of baseball", mainly because the evil empire needs a place to plan it's mischief on Red Sox Nation. The pentagon will be the Yankees Death Star.

The new Yankee Stadium: The Pentagon of baseball, sounds right.

All and all I believe the new Yankee Stadium is a success. They were able to capture fragments from the past and permanently place them in our present and most importantly in our future.

And to our first celebration in "the house that another George built", God speed.

My name is Joseph Jove and I predict a Yankees World Series win.