NCAA Tournament: Memphis Advances to the Final Four

Ian ZymarakisSenior Analyst IMarch 30, 2008

If you were to ask any analyst, or any fan for that matter what is Memphis' weakness they would answer, free throw shooting.

Well what if you told somebody that didn't watch today's Regional Final for the South Region that one of the teams shot 30/36 or 83% from the free throw line.

Which team do you think they would say did that?

Most people would answer Texas, but in reality Memphis answered many of their critics and quite emphatically I might add by blistering Texas 85-67 to advance to the Final Four and a meeting with UCLA.

Memphis, who is mostly criticized for their poor free throw shooting  shot 83% today going 30/36 from the foul line.

For a team that is highly noted as being a poor foul shooting team, have they really been that bad the entire tournament?

They shot 75% in the regional semifinal vs. Michigan St. and followed that up with an 83% showing today.

When asked about his team, Coach Calipari called his team a "Dream Team"

Derrick Rose also chimed in on the dream though saying, "I'm living a dream right now" the funny thing is, Rose might actually be doing that.

Rose was named the South Region's Most Outstanding Player after his 21 point 9 assist game vs. Texas.

Fellow Naismith Candidate Chris Douglas-Roberts also contributed with 25 points, 14 of which came from the free throw line.

Many had Memphis as the first #1 seed to be eliminated from the tournament but judging from their performance this tournament thus far those critics have been silenced with Memphis barely having any competition.

The only close game coming from Miss. St due to a last minute comeback.

Other then that it has been smooth sailing this entire season for the Tigers who advanced to their first Final Four since 1985.

When asked about the people that have doubted this Memphis squad coach Calipari added, "There have been some doubters, but thats ok."

It most certainly is, this team, full of players who were brought up in tough neighborhoods have always beat the odds, and they are proving they can do it again by advancing to the Final Four when not many had much faith in them.

Memphis is for real and hopefully after this NCAA Tournament, everbody will realize that.

I most certainly have.