Court Of B/R Appeals: B/R Wrestling Section Vs. Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IApril 9, 2009

It's time to hold court. If you haven't noticed, there's been a wave of controversy in the Bleacher Report Wrestling Section this week. It all comes from this past week's pay per view.

Because of the outcome, and the articles that followed, the Court of Bleacher Report has issued a summons for the section's Community Leader to appear before them to issue a statement.

What followed was a shocker to everyone in attendance.

Community Leader Ron Johnson appeared in court dressed in Dennis Rodman's Wedding Dress before stripping it off to reveal a suit once worn by Denny Crane on an episode of 'Boston Legal.' The CL came in with the ghost of Johnnie Cochran at his side and a bag full of evidence lost by the LAPD over the last few years.

Among the evidence was: the other bloody glove from the OJ Simpson Trial, the original underground sex tapes of R. Kelly and Paris Hilton, the webcam that Kobe used during his stay in Eagle County and of course, the article that made him one of the biggest heels and assh*les on the Bleacher Report.

During this time, Johnson found himself being badgered by several members of the jury as they welcomed him with jeers and threats of "TP-ing his house."

Johnson continued to show no emotions during the process, but he did manage to make a statement to the members of the section who were in attendance. With a panel of his peers overseeing the proceedings, Johnson was asked simply, "Were you in the right frame of mind when you made the statements you made on the day in question?"

"At the time, I thought that I was in the right frame of mind. I assumed that the section was beating a dead horse in the mouth, but it turns out that the only one who was being sore about the situation was in," Johnson responded.

Community Director Zander Freund chimed in and asked, "Why did everyone chastise you for this article?" Johnson gathered himself for a moment, then delivered this response, "Because I name dropped in the article and insulted the integrity of one of the writers. Do I feel that I made a mistake in my quest? Absolutely. Do I owe them an apology? Most likely."

The crowd was in shock! This was the man who stood tall for so many...days.

At this point, Johnson looked to be taking the coward's way out by bowing out to the avalanche of insults. It looked as if he was planning on ducking the opposition and walking away from it altogether. But then, he asked to make a statement to the jury, the panel and to the people in attendance. When granted, he put on some Scrooge McDuck-like specs and pulled a piece of paper out of his fanny pack.

This is some of the speech he delivered in front of the world:

"I am a huge fan of controversy, and I love delivering the controversy on a daily basis. But there are times where I not only go over the edge, I do it in a '300' style dive. Because of the fact that I write on other subjects other than professional wrestling, I have felt slightly chastised for some of my articles. Instead of embracing the talent that I have on this section, I decided to be like Joe Burgett and denounce them.

Should I have thought better about the piece? Of course. But sometimes, you get a good idea on the whim, but it doesn't come out the way you expect it to. Because of that, I am here to issue an apology to those very individuals that I bashed in the "Why the Wrestling Section Should Let It Go" Piece. I do regret what has happened since then, although it seems that there are those who have turned it into a very funny moment in time.

While I do regret not being on the BR Wrestling Section full time as of late, those around me have to understand that I am a fan of many sports, and I don't just relegate my talents to just one. Where some would call my actions, 'A cheap tactic to get some reads and affirm my status as the King of Controversy,' I see it as a way to challenge members of the section. But I could have done it better.

In the end, I was the one who was fooled into poking the bear, as my brother has said time and time again during Ohio State-Michigan football games. I should not have engaged in a writing war that I knew was unnecessary. I should not have called out certain individuals.

Don't get me wrong, though. If I had to do it all over again, I would...but I'm not Joe. I would rather indulge the talent than try to keep my status as 'Mr. #1.'"

Following the speech, Johnson didn't even stick around to hear the verdict of the case. He calmly walked out of the proceedings, yet expecting more insults and debris to come flying in his direction. But nothing came.

The Courts were still out on the case, and no verdict was rendered at the time of this press release. But it's clear that the Wrestling Community will weigh their thoughts on this. They might see this as either a heartfelt apology from the 'Leader,' or they may see this as another cheap tactic to get reads. Either way, there's no telling what will happen when these entities come face to face.

But I can say one thing: Johnson must have enough balls to come out and admit that "He Was WRONG." Because there aren't many who will step up and admit that they made a mistake.

Hopefully this weekend, we will know for sure what the Court's decision will be.

We'll keep you posted as this story continues to develop.