WWE Raw: Mr. Money in the Bank Dolph Ziggler Is WWE's Version of Sisyphus

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 19, 2013

(Photo from WWE.com)
(Photo from WWE.com)

On Monday's Raw, Dolph Ziggler once again came within seconds of successfully cashing in his Money in the Bank contract, but failed yet again.

Ziggler has become WWE's answer to the Greek myth of Sisyphus.

Sisyphus was a king condemned to the maddening task of rolling a boulder up a hill only to have it roll back down again. He repeated this monotonous labor for eternity.

With each failed attempt to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, Ziggler evokes the image of Sisyphus toiling up the hill.

The Show Off lost to Alberto Del Rio in a singles match on Monday's Raw, unable to withstand the pain of the cross armbreaker.

Big E Langston took umbrage over Del Rio dropkicking him off the apron. Langston stormed into the ring and delivered his Big Ending finishing move on the world champ. As Ziggler held his arm in pain, he glanced over at Del Rio lying face first on the mat.

Ziggler's mind began to churn.

Here was yet another chance for him to hand in his dented Money in the Bank briefcase, a chance he wouldn't get. Ricardo Rodriguez snatched the briefcase from Ziggler and scurried away from the ring.

Just consider this one more instance where the stone rolls down the hill.

Ziggler first tried to reap the benefits of the blue briefcase the night he won it.

At Money in the Bank 2012, Ziggler rushed in to take advantage of a beaten and drained Sheamus. Alberto Del Rio had other ideas.

This was only to be the first time Ziggler would get painfully close to victory, only to be derailed and have to try once again.

The Money in the Bank contract is supposed to equal championship certainty.

From Edge to Jack Swagger, CM Punk to Daniel Bryan, the man who holds the briefcase has pounced on a fallen champion and come away with the title. Ziggler can't seem to utilize his contract, to finish the climb.

Someone is always standing at the gate, denying him entry.

In December of last year, it was John Cena who prevented Ziggler from cashing in.

Big Show had suffered a Sheamus Brogue Kick. An antsy Ziggler hurried in the ring, briefcase in hand. The referee only had to ring the bell. Ziggler could easily defeat the felled tree that was Big Show.

Instead his rival, Cena blocked him from completing the cash-in process. Cena's actions was like him taking Ziggler's boulder from his hands and sending it tumbling downhill.

Ever since Ziggler won the Money in the Bank briefcase, he has embodied futility.

The story of Ziggler's failures has made it difficult to predict just when he'll actually come out on top. WWE has found a way to make the Money in the Bank routine freshly entertaining.

If Ziggler ever manages to capture the World Heavyweight title via his well-worn briefcase, it will be a fulfilling moment. The delay in his championship destiny will heighten the impact of that eventual climax.

As Albert Camus said in The Myth of Sisyphus, "There is scarcely any passion without struggle."