NFL Draft: Mock Draft 2033

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IMarch 30, 2008

2033 NFL Mock Draft -
Picks 1-5
By Sir Mel Kiper III

1. Toronto Bills - Bill Brady-Bundchen - QB - Michigan

Bill follows his father's footsteps into the AFC East and will try and bring a championship to the Canadian people who have waited patiently for the last 21 years. Senator Brady is exptected to be on hand for the NFL Draft Ceremony.
2. Chicago Bears - Virgil Highsmith - QB - UCLA
This highly-touted QB will finally be the savior the Bears have seen searching for after six-time MVP and five-time Superbowl champ Rex Grossman retired.
3. Denver Broncos - John, Bobby, Calvin, JoJo and Derek Henry - RB's - Tennessee
A combo pick, the Henry boys really produce like their father, but they all have different running styles due to their different mothers. Mike Shanahan will continue to frustrate fantasy owners by splitting their time equally.
4. New England Patriots -Kareem-Abdul Simmons - WR - Holy Cross
Not since the days of Randy Moss have the Patriots been so excited about a wideout. The trash-talking Simmons, son of Milwaukee Bucks GM Bill Simmons, left Patriot league foes in his dust during his three years at the Cross.
5. Dallas Cowboys - Reggie McFlash - RB - Arkansas
Owner Jerry Jones got a special waiver from Commissioner Vick to trade away his whole draft and nine starters to get McFlash. Jones' dream is now complete to have a roster made up entirely of former Razorbacks.