James Te Huna and the Most Memorable Entrances in MMA History

Christopher Heathman@@CHeathmanCorrespondent IIFebruary 18, 2013

James Te Huna and the Most Memorable Entrances in MMA History

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    UFC light heavyweight James Te Huna showed a huge amount of courage Saturday in coming back from the brink of defeat to beat Ryan Jimmo by unanimous decision at UFC on Fuel 7 at Wembley Arena, London.

    However, it is not his comeback victory that is being talked about, but his entrance. As the 205-pound man from New Zealand made his way to the octagon, fans were surprised to see that a man who was about to do battle in the cage was dressed in a full black suit.

    The music was instantly recognisable as the theme tune from the movie Men in Black, and was accompanied by Te Huna and his coaches doing the famous Men in Black dance.

    UFC President Dana White is not keen on flashy entrances, so the decision was a brave one from Te Huna. However, the 10,349 fans in attendance enjoyed the extra effort.

    Te Huna's entrance will now take its place among the most memorable in MMA history. Here are some of the others.

Jame Te Huna vs Ryan Jimmo

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    Let's begin with the now-famous James Te Huna Men in Black entrance as a reference point. This is as crazy as it gets in the UFC, which is a good thing, for the most part.

    Some low-key dancing while dressed in sharp suits is not too bad, although Dana White may not think the same. The fans seemed to enjoy it, and so did the commentary team Jon Anik and Kenny Florian, so no harm done.

    As the following entrances show, however, such demonstrations are not always low-key, and their absence from the UFC is probably for the best.

Jason 'Mayhem' Miller: Dream

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    Jason 'Mayhem' Miller was undoubtedly one of the more extravagant characters in Mixed Martial Arts, and his character showed in his hair and his elaborate entrances.

    At Dream 9, he faced Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza for the vacant middleweight title, and such a special occasion was given a special entrance. 

    Bright lights, loud music, women dressed as Japanese schoolgirls and dance moves a drunken uncle at a wedding would be proud of were greeted by excited fans. It was arguably one of the worst entrances in MMA history, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

    The fight ended in a no-contest, as 'Jacare' Souza was cut by an illegal soccer kick from Miller, a disappointing end after an entrance that obviously took some preparation to perfect.

Akihiro Gono

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    This entrance puts James Te Huna and 'Mayhem' Miller to shame. This kind of production is now a distant memory, with promotions such as Pride now extinct, and would be as illegal as a kick to a grounded opponent in the UFC.

    A light show, dancers, a special guest, white suits and, of course, those fantastic afros would make Dana White's head explode.

    In fact, this entrance would probably be rejected by the WWE, a statement you can be confident Gono would take as a compliment.

Jason 'Mayhem' Miller (Again): Strikeforce

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    It says a lot of the man that he makes this kind of list twice, but he's earned both his places. Miller did not leave his famous entrances in Japan and made sure he brought this one to Strikeforce.

    'Mayhem' showed off not only more of his moves, but also his reflexes, as he barely avoided being KO'd by one of his own dances. Not even Jason Miller, though, could do an entrance so crazy that he gets knocked out before he even enters the cage.

    Looking back on the career of 'Mayhem,' it is almost like the UFC clipped his wings. His last outing in the UFC was an embarrassing one. Maybe if Miller had been allowed to express himself, we would have seen a better Miller in the Octagon...or not. 

Genki Sudo

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    This, without a doubt, was the grandest entrance ever seen in combat sports.

    Genki Sudo was fighting at K-1 Premium 2006 Dynamite in the final bout of his career. To make the end of his career more memorable, he went all out for his entrance with incredible costumes and lighting and some decent choreography. Being carried in on a chair like a tribal leader or king, Genki Sudo cemented himself as the king of entrances.

    Following the entrance, Sudo went on to win his bout by triangle choke. It would have been a sad affair if he'd lost in his final outing, and even more so after such a grand entrance.

    Here's to Genki Sudo, putting all other entrances to shame.