At Backlash 2009 Randy Orton Will Win Back the WWE Title

Bernice NoparatContributor IApril 9, 2009

Hey, hi Everyone, it's me Bernice here.

I know it has been a while since I wrote an article about my role model and my favourite WWE Viper, heel RAW Superstar Randy Orton. For about six years and until the end of time, ever since 2004 I have been his biggest fan.

But I really have to honestly admit that Randy Orton is my role model and my favourite WWE RAW Superstar not only because he portrays himself as a very great, impressive, and devious black pit viper like-heel character but also because he has a devious, evil look in his eyes during matches.

Sometimes after I hear Randy's devious, mesmerizing, breathtaking voice, he  can leave me in a  trance sometimes, it as though he is a Black Pit Viper trying to get me or tell anyone not to provoke him, If not they will regret it.

But after what a bad ending Wrestlemania 25 had.....what the hell?

Why must Randy be defeated and owned by Triple H, ohh no, not again!

Why can't WWE let Randy win back the WWE Title from Triple H just because he went all Viper like heel and punted the living day light out of McMahons family. It's not his fault Vince McMahon provoked him in the first place..

But I got a feeling that at Backlash 2009 Randy Orton can dominate. In the poster he is looking like a very devious, provoked WWE Black Viper and RAW superstar who can't wait to beat, punt, and kick the living hell out of Triple H like a very devious, provoked WWE viper like heel RAW Superstar.

Of course he will defeat Triple H and family along with cementing his Legacy. Imagine what Randy Orton can do to hurt Triple H or how he will beat Batista up so badly that either one of them will have to no choice but to end up lying in the intensive care unit or even in the hospital bed fighting for their life with their skull almost broken up like sacambled eggs.

I tell you, If Randy Orton doesn't use a weapon at backlash 2009 it's not really over for him.

Because even without using a weapon Randy Orton can still be still as slithering and dangerous and as fast as any Black Pit Viper who won't stop until it beats downs or hurts or punts the living daylights out of his Prey. It can be Triple H or Batista, with a RKO, Legend Killer Punt, Elevated DDT, Standing dropkick, Orton stomp.

That is the reason, I am huge fan of Randy Orton, let's go Randy Orton

Mark my words, everyone, not only will Randy Orton's age help him prevail at Backlash 2009, but Randy Orton will also once again defeat Triple H and win back the WWE Championship while cementing his legacy.