It's Moving Time Again...2009 WWE Draft: Who Could Be Major Players?

Josh McClureContributor IApril 9, 2009

It's that time again.

Time to shake things up. Time to give careers new life.  Time to give young talent a chance to shine.  Time for new faces in new places.

It's time for the 2009 WWE Draft.

I look forward to the draft each year.  This year's edition is a little earlier in calendar than in the past few years.  Last year we saw some big names move both in the ring and at the announcer booth.  So what could be in store for this year?  Here's a few scenarios that I could see happening.

1. HHH to Raw - This one seems pretty obvious.  With the current storyline, the McMahons appearing more on Raw and virtually never on SD, and the rumored idea to make Raw the "A" show and therefore "beef-up" its roster, it's almost inevitable that Hunter goes back to Monday nights.

2. Rey Mysterio <-> MVP - Supposedly WWE is big on having the Hispanic viewership and since Rey left SD, that category has been lacking on Friday nights.  I say a direct switch because these two hold the second-tier championships for their respective brands. 

However, I'm not sure if this will mean a title switch between the individuals or the brands.

3. Kane to ECW - Kane fit in better on ECW.  There he could be a main-event player.  Not that he isn't capable of doing so now on Raw, there's just too many guys that are higher on the totem pole there.  On ECW, he gives the younger guys a legitimate competitor and it is also easier to put Kane over there.

4. Y2J or Batista to SD - I like the idea of Jericho moving than Batista.  Jericho would fit in more with the main guys of SD like Edge, Jeff, and Matt, along with others who could possibly move to SD.

5. Good Ole JR Jim Ross <-> Michael Cole - With the recent departure of Tazz, this seems less likely.  I would love to have JR back where he belongs, on Monday nights, but I don't think Todd Grisham can carry Michael Cole.

6. Vickie Guerrero to ECW - Just because I can't stand her as GM of Raw already.

7. Mr. Kennedy to ECW - This one would be interesting.  For one, it would mean he has been drafted to another brand three years in a row.  I like this idea because it would let him have one last chance to stay healthy, while re-building himself and his fan base and becoming a popular "tweener" between a face and a heel.

8. Evan Bourne to Raw - Air Bourne is too exciting to be held back.  Monday nights is where he needs to be.  I could see him going to SD, but for now, Raw would be a better fit.

9. The Brian Kendrick to ECW - If Bourne is gone, another cruiser weight-size guy needs to fill his spot.  While not as exciting as Bourne (at least not anymore), he isn't going much of anywhere on SD due to some outside issues.

10. Christian to SD - Unfortunately, due to Vince's rumored lack of like and vision for Christian, I could see Captain Charisma stuck on ECW.  However, I believe the Instant Classic's peeps will be seeing him on Friday nights. 

This would also set up for a possible Edge-Christian feud, and (however GREATLY unlikely) a "for old times sake" Edge & Christian vs. The Hardys.

11. Miz or John Morrison to another brand - With the loss at WM25, I seriously expect John Morrison to start getting the singles push he's been needing.  He is incredibly talented athletically and appears to have the persona to be a main-event man someday.  Don't be surprised to see The Miz either get cut or lost in the mix as a result.

Of course we'll have our share of mid-card movers and a diva or two change brands, but these are the bigger names that I could see changing addresses come this Monday night.