Mark Henry: The World's Strongest Man Fits Perfectly in Today's WWE

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 18, 2013

photo by Kyle S. Richardson via
photo by Kyle S. Richardson via

Mark Henry fits perfectly in today’s WWE.

The World’s Strongest Man returned to dominant form when he took out Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara two weeks ago. Since then, he defeated Randy Orton to earn a coveted spot in the Elimination Chamber. He also defeated The Great Khali and demolished Hornswoggle.

Henry was dominant at the Elimination Chamber as well. He eliminated both members of Team Hell No and gave the World's Strongest Slam to every competitor. Henry was forced to leave the ring after his rampage from being eliminated by Randy Orton.

Henry reopened his “Hall of Pain,” which is exactly what the WWE needs right now: a monster heel.

If you look at the history of monster heels, they’re perceived as dominant and destructive forces, such as King Kong Bundy and Andre The Giant, both staples of WWE.

Henry provides that monster heel WWE has missed.

Big Show isn’t really a monster heel, albeit a good heel, who is multi-layered and can play the average and monster heel effectively. Kane was a great monster heel, but he’s still teaming with Daniel Bryan. Brodus Clay and Tensai could be monster heels but are sidelined with their comedic tag team gimmick.

Brock Lesnar was great in his first run as a monster heel. However, his part-time status doesn’t have the same impact as Henry’s current run which leaves Henry to fill the void.

No one can play the role better than him right now.

Henry is billed as a feared man looking to hurt anyone. That same role earned him his first World Heavyweight Title. He defeated Orton for that title in September 2011’s Night of Champions.

Henry never looked back and entered a great big-man feud with Big Show. Henry also earned a WWE Title shot against CM Punk last year before taking time off.

Henry’s injured shoulder cost him plenty of ring time—nine months to be exact. Now, Henry has returned with a vengeance.

Henry’s goal remains the same: becoming champion again.

No one is safe from Henry’s Hall of Pain. Just ask Mysterio and Cara, Khali and Hornswoggle.

You can’t deny the impact of Henry’s persona. It is threatening to the WWE Universe, especially when Henry attacks their beloved Superstars.

Henry also crafts a good, big-man story. That dominant monster heel in Henry paces the match as his opponents try to mount comebacks against him.

Henry is what WWE needs: a monster heel fitting like a glove. He is perfect for the role.