ECW: A New Era of Extreme (Wrestlemania 25 Coverage)

anonymous guyCorrespondent IApril 9, 2009

Hello ladies and gentlemen! How’s everyone? Get ready because tonight is the ECW version of Wrestlemania XXV! Tonight a lot of scores will be settled and a lot of rivalries will begin, so let’s get ready for an EXTREME WRESTLEMANIA!

After the Tag-Team titles were defended, the next match was announced to be the Money in The Bank Ladder Match! A recap video package was shown about all of the events leading up to this big night.

First out to the ring was Shelton Benjamin, then CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Hurricane Helms, John Morrison, and R-Truth. The bell doesn’t sound due to the fact that the Miz was no where to be found.

(All of a sudden, Paul Heyman’s theme hits and he comes out to the top of the stage with a microphone.)

Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen I regret to inform you that The Miz was injured Tuesday night at the hands of Kofi Kingston when the Miz chased him up the ramp! So since tonight is the big kahuna and since Mr. Kingston is a Raw superstar, I can’t punish him!

So instead I searched and searched for a formidable replacement, and I’ve found him! Now my ECW fans please give a warm welcome back to…

(All of a sudden the lights dim and crazy pyro goes off! A familiar theme hits!)

Evan Bourne jumps out from the back and runs down to the ring at full speed as the live Wrestlemania crowd goes nuts for their returning hero.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

R-Truth vs Hurricane Helms vs John Morrison vs Kofi Kingston vs Rey Mysterio vs Shelton Benjamin vs Evan Bourne vs CM Punk

The bell rings as all men jump into a huge brawl! Bourne gets thrown to the outside hard. Then Mysterio is out next, followed by Helms and Kingston.

Benjamin and Punk begin going at it. Benjamin starts off with right handed shots to Punk. Benjamin bounces Punk off of the ropes, Punk returns and ducks a clothesline from Benjamin and hits a Springboard Splash off of the top rope onto the other stars on the outside of the ring.

As soon as Benjamin turns around, R-Truth superkicks him hard and Benjamin falls down to the mat and rolls out to the outside of the ring. Morrison and Truth stares each other down and begin to square off.

Morrison gets R-Truth to lock up with him and he kicks R-Truth in the sternum and tries to hit the “Moonlight Drive”, but R-Truth reverses and kicks Morrison in the sternum and tries to go for his signature scissors kick, but Morrison moves out of the way and Mysterio comes out of no where and hits his signature seated senton onto Morrison.

R-Truth charges at Mysterio, but Mysterio jumps up and hits a hurricanrana. R-Truth lands on the second rope. Mysterio goes for the 619! Punk climbs up on the apron on his knees and R-Truth ducks the shot, but Mysterio hits Punk in the back of the head with the 619.

Bourne is on the outside battling with Helms. Helms throws Bourne into the steel steps, but Bourne jumps up onto the steps and hits a huge moonsault onto Helms. Bourne quickly gets up and gets a ladder, but as soon as he turns to bring it into the ring, Morrison uses a steel chair and hits the ladder back in the face of Bourne.

Morrison then gets the ladder and slides it into the ring. Mysterio climbs up to the top rope, but Morrison runs and springboards off of the second rope to hit a “Flying Chuck” onto Mysterio! Mysterio falls out off of the top rope to the outside with Helms, Bourne, and Punk. R-Truth sees all men trying to get to their feet on the outside.

He runs and springboards off of the top rope and hits a spinning lariat splash on all men. Kingston slowly creeps up behind Morrison and hits a huge reverse DDT. Kingston then begins to set up the ladder. Kingston begins to climb, but out of the crowd comes Miz and he climbs the ladder. Kingston looks as if he’s seen a ghost!

The crowd pops big and Miz delivers right handed shots onto Kingston. Miz then grabs Kingston and hits a huge “Mizard of Oz” off of the top of the ladder. Miz then grabs his own neck and heads back to the back. Morrison slowly rises to his feet and he grabs the ladder and closes it.

He slowly climbs up to the top rope with the ladder. All men are slowly trying to stand up on the outside. They appear to be in some sort of huddle. Morrison stands up and lands a huge moonsault with the ladder onto the outside men!

The crowd is going nuts as Morrison is slowly trying to regain his composure. Benjamin slowly makes it to his feet before anyone as he wasn’t hit with the moonsault. Benjamin digs under the ring and pulls out the jumbo ladder. He slides it into the ring and slowly begins to set up the gigantic ladder.

Morrison slowly makes it to his feet and he grabs the regular sized ladder that he used and slides it into the ring. Benjamin is halfway up the jumbo ladder and out of the blue Bourne springboards off of the top rope and lands on the opposite side of the jumbo ladder with Benjamin.

Both men make it to the top at the same time, and they are now having a huge fist fight at the top. Morrison climbs up the normal ladder and begins to touch the briefcase. Bourne and  Benjamin are too busy going at it with each other. Helms comes in and pushes Morrison's ladder over and Morrison falls onto the barricade.

Helms then tries to push over the jumbo ladder, but Mysterio jumps off of the top rope and hits a huge tornado DDT onto Helms. Mysterio then leans the second ladder against the jumbo ladder. Benjamin looks to be in a daze.

Just as Bourne is about to land his last blow onto Benjamin, Mysterio runs up the normal ladder and hits a huge seated senton onto Bourne from the top of the ladder through a table set up on the outside by CM Punk. Both men are out cold.

CM Punk springboards onto the jumbo ladder and gets the dazed Benjamin up on his shoulders. It looks as if he's going to hit a GTS off of the top of the ladder. All of a sudden R-Truth runs up the leaned ladder and hits a huge spinning lariat on both men and all three fall hard down to the mat!

(All eight men are out cold and a "Dub-Dub-E!" chants are deafening.)

Morrison is the first man to move as he is the only one left in the ring. He slowly sets up the regular ladder and slowly starts to climb. Kingston slowly climbs up to the top rope and hits a huge missle-toe dropkick knocking Morrison and himself down to the mat.

Kingston is still getting up! Kingston slowly rises to his feet. He begins to climb the jumbo ladder. Refs and medical staff run down to the arena floor to check on Mysterio and Bourne. Helms and R-Truth are going at it in a heated battle on the outside. Helms hits a bigtime enziguri on R-Truth. Helms gets back into the ring and quickly climbs up the ladder.

Punk and Benjamin starts to climb the regular ladder. Punk and Benjamin begin to fight each other until they both realize that Kingston and Helms are higher up. Both Punk and Benjamin jumps off of the ladder and Punk hits a great bulldog on Helms while Benjamin hits an amazing "Pay Dirt!" onto Kingston!

Everyone is out cold. Mysterio and Bourne are being medically attended to. Helms, Punk, and Kingston are out cold on the out side. Benjamin is out in the ring. R-Truth is slowly making his way back into the ring and on the opposite side, Morrison is making his way back into the ring.

R-Truth sees Morrison who is doing his best in trying to drag his way back up the ladder. R-Truth quickly climbs the ladder as well. Benjamin slowly gets a table from under the ring and slides it into the ring. Benjamin slowly sets it up. Morrison kicks R-Truth in the head.

Morrison sets up for a "Moonlight Drive" and hits it, but just as he hits it, Benjamin pulls the table right under the two men and they go through it!

Benjamin is the only man left standing, Morrison, R-Truth, Helms, CM Punk, and Kingston slowly begins to get up. Benjamin climbs up the jumbo ladder. All men are on their feet. Mysterio and Bourne are getting wheeled to the back. Benjamin sees all the men and he jumps off of the ladder and hits a huge swanton-like maneuver onto the crowd of men!

(The crowd is going absolutely nuts! The "Holy $#!%" chant begins!)

Benjamin slowly gets up. He slowly rolls into the ring and begins to climb the regular ladder.

He makes it to the top, but Mysterio and Bourne comes running out to the ring! They begin to climb the jumbo ladder and all three men begin fighting for the briefcase. Benjamin leans away from the fight causing the his ladder to bounce off of the ropes and comeback to knock th jumbo ladder down.

Mysterio and Bourne fall onto the rest of the downed superstars! Benjamin reaches up and its over! The Golden Standard, Shelton Benjamin has become the 2009 Mr. Money In The Bank!

(The crowd gives a big pop! All of a sudden, this amazing amount of pyro goes off as Benjamin celebrates.)

A Wrestlemania 25 Press Conference package is shown.

The Diva's Title match is announced for the next match.

(After the Smackdown Branded Match was over, the camera cuts to Jack Swagger talking to the rest of Team Swagger.)

Swagger: Well men, tonight is the night! Tonight is the true night of redemption for Team Swagger! Tonight we take our rightful place atop the entire ECW Roster!

Tonight we show the world that Legacy, La Familia, The Alliance, Team WWE, The Rock n' Sock Connection, D-Generation X, nWo, the Four Horsmen, and Evolution itself pales in comparison to the true head of the entire WWE, Team Swagger! 

But the only peopl... no the only Jackasses standing in our way is Fag-lay, Ricky Oral-tiz, Tommy all he can do is Dream-er, and Rob Van Damn that guy sucks! Tonight Paul Gay-man thinks that he has us backed into a corner, but he's gonna have another thing coming!

Atlas I want you to end Heyman, I want you to break his disgusting and vile fat-ass neck! Burchill and Henry, I want you to literally destroy Finlay and Ortiz, I want you to demolish their mediocre careers! I WANT THEM TO BE BROKEN! 

Burke... Ha-ha My right-hand man! You have the most important job of them all! I want you to do something that no one but you have the balls to do... He's already killed his own career himself by messing with us, he's already broken every inferior bone in his own body by challenging us!

Tonight, I want you to kill the Extreme Dream within Tommy Dreamer. Only you can do it! Tonight, Wrestlemania 25 is Team Swagger's night of everlasting power! Tonight we become the true IMMORTALS OF THE WWE!

(The next match announced for the night was the Brand Supremacy Match between Team Swagger and Team ECW!)

The first man out was Tony Atlas.

Atlas: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm honored to introduce to you the World's Most Deadlist Man and the World's Most Strongest Man, Mark Henry and Paul Burchill, Team Swagger!

Both men make their way to the ring to a huge amount of heat.

Out next is Paul Heyman, who gets into the ring fearlessly.

Both Henry and Burchill approaches Heyman.

Heyman: If either of you decide to take another step forward, I promise you that not only will you be disqualified tonight, but you will be suspended indefinitely, leaving Burke and Swagger all by themselves to rot!

Now my ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for, it's now time for the true men of Extreme to be unleashed upon Wrestlemania! Folks I give you, Ricky Ortiz and Finlay, Team E...C...W!

Both men come out and Finlay has his shellaleigh at hand of course.

Special Challenge Grudge Match

Special Refs

Tony Atlas and Paul Heyman

Tag Team Mayhem

Team Swagger (Paul Burchill and Mark Henry) vs Team ECW (Finlay and Ricky Ortiz)

All men collide, even the refs! Finlay tackles Burchill to the outside of the ring. Ortiz has Henry in the corner and he's wheeling on him with right and left handed blows to the midsection and head.

Henry musters enough strength to push back Ortiz. But Ortiz comes running back and delivers and huge splash into the corner.

Henry ends up catching Ortiz in mid-air and proceeds with a bearhug. Just as Ortiz begins to fade, Finlay is perched on the top rope and splashes Henry and he falls back. Ortiz is on top. Atlas begins to count one...He then goes and checks to see if the ropes are damaged. Heyman's had enough and sloppily spears Atlas!

Atlas rolls out of the ring to the floor and he's out. Finlay goes to the outside of the ring and grabs a chair. Burchill slowly gets up and grabs Finlay's shillelagh and kind of stays hidden.

Finlay gets back into the ring and Ortiz holds Henry's arms behind his back. As soon as Finlay begins to swing, Burchill comes out of no where and hit Finlay in the back of the knee with it.

Henry then backs Ortiz up all the way into the corner. Finlay rolls out to the floor. Burchill then goes over to Ortiz and sets him up on the top rope and hits him hard in the face with the shillelagh. Henry then goes over and powerslams Ortiz off of the top rope to the floor. 

Henry puts his foot on the chest of Ortiz and signals for Heyman to count, but Heyman closes his eyes and yells, "I cant see!" 

Atlas then comes out of no where and low blows Heyman. Atlas begins his count. One...Two...Ortiz just barely kicks out and Henry just laughs. Burchill gets the lifeless body of Ortiz up to his feet and throws him out of the ring.

Henry goes to the outside and throws Ortiz hard into the steel steps. Henry then poses for a while. Henry then gets Ortiz up and rolls him into the ring.

Just as Henry was trying to climb the apron, Finlay used a chair and hits Henry in the back of his left leg causing the big man to fall back down to the arena floor. On the inside Burchill is going to work on Ortiz.

Ortiz is out in the turnbuckle corner and Burchill gets the chair that Finlay once brought into the ring and wedges it between the first and second rope.

Burchill backs up and teases a charge, but as soon as he charges forward, Finlay slides into the ring and hits Burchill in the face with the steel chair and as Burchill was dazed, Finlay gets him up and hits a huge "Celtic Cross."

He goes for the cover, but Atlas has his back turned as he is checking on the downed Henry. Another ref runs out to the ring and begins to count, one...two...Atlas lands an elbow drop on the back of the referee!

Finlay looks very disgusted and corners Atlas, but Henry runs up behind Finlay and splashes him into that corner, but he didn't realize that he also splashed Atlas as well. Everyone is down except for Henry.

He goes over to Ortiz and does a huge military press and throws him over the top rope. Another ref comes out to check on Heyman and Atlas.

Henry gets Finlay up and hits an amazing, "World's Strongest Slam!" He goes for the cover, but the other ref is on the outside checking on the hurt Tony Atlas and Paul Heyman. Henry then goes and helps up Burchill. He then goes to the outside of the ring and gets the ref. 

Burchill gets Finlay up to his feet and hits his huge backflip slam (which I am now dubbing as the "English Judgement"). He goes for the cover, but out of the crowd a familiar looking man comes into the ring and hits a huge DDT on Burchill. He has a bat and hits Henry in the head causing Henry to fall out of the ring. He pulls Ortiz on top of Burchill. 

The ref is about to count, but the man throws the ref out of the ring. He goes to get Heyman and throws him into the ring and Heyman begins his count. One-two-three! It's now over and the man is now recognized as former ECW and WWE superstar Raven!

Raven and Heyman then embrace. They go and help up Ortiz and Finlay then all man stand in the ring holding each others hands up showing ECW unity!

We cut to a video recap of the Highlight reel as they are still hyping up tonight's main event.

The next match announced for the evening was the Women's Title Match.

After the match they cut to a Tribute to the Troops Video Package.

We return with a video recap of the Tommy Dreamer rise up until now as his match is now next.

Garcia: The following match is scheduled for one-fall and it for the no.1 contender's slot for the ECW title!

Out first is Elijah Burke as his look is a little different. He looks more serious and focused tonight than he ever has.

Then out comes the Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer! He has a special entrance as two men come out and lay down barbed wire along the sides of the long ramp. Then four other men came out and sprayed gasoline on the wire.

They then lit it on fire as Dreamer comes out with his new theme, (Tear Away by Drowning Pool)! He comes out without his old ECW shirt on, but with his own gear.

He pauses mid-way and does his signature pose and tons of pyros goes off as the fans are completely out of control!

Both men meet face to face in the ring.

No. 1 Contender Single's Match

Tommy Dreamer vs Elijah Burke

As soon as the bell sounds, Burke slaps the hell out of Dreamer. Dreamer stands there and Burke begins to taunt him. Dreamer then walks away to his corner and laughs. Burke yells at him asking, "what's wrong with you? Fight me!" Dreamer nods and spears Burke!

He begins with hard right handed shots to Burke's head. The ref separates Dreamer and Burke rolls out of the ring to try and nurse his injuries. As soon as he turns around, Dreamer comes out of no where with a huge suicide dive through the top and second ropes.

Dreamers taunts to the crowd. Burke is slowly getting up and Dreamer grabs his arm and tries to Irish whip him into the steel steps, but Burke reverses and sends Dreamer head first into the steps. Burke then rolls back into the ring and begs for the referee to count out Dreamer.

One-two-three-four-five-six! Dreamer slowly rolls back into the ring. Burke then runs over and hits a quick elbow drop onto Dreamer. He then goes for the cover, one...Dreamer quickly powers out and Burke locks up Dreamer within a sleeper hold. The ref then checks to see if Dreamer is fading.

He then begins his count. One...two...Dreamer then begins to fight back and starts elbowing Burke in his sternum. Dreamer then gets separation and bounces off of the ropes, he returns, bur Burke locks in a sleeper hold.

Dreamer begins to fade, but grabs the back of the head of Burke and hits a reverse jaw breaker.

Burke releases the hold and holds his chin in pain. Dreamer slowly gets up and clotheslines Burke about three times. Dreamer then throws Burke into the corner. Dreamer then rushes and splashes Burke in the corner. As Burke stumbles out, Dreamer bounces off of the rope and delivers a thunderous bulldog to Burke.

Dreamer then quickly crawls over to the downed Elijah Burke and goes for the cover. One...two...Burke kicks out and Dreamer looks confused. He gets Burke up and tries to throw him into the corner, but Burke reverses the maneuver and ends up throwing Dreamer into the corner face first.

Dreamer is in a daze in the corner and Burke lowers his knee pads. 

He then signals for the "Elijah Express". He charges forward and as soon as he gets airborne, Dreamer side-steps Burke. Burke gets one of his legs caught inside the ropes and hangs down backwards in a tree of woe. Dreamer in a daze, finally looks at Burke and signals to the live audience.

He yells, "E...C...W!" He charges and tries to hit his baseball slide, but Burke sits up and Dreamer slides all the way into the ring post. Dreamer slowly crawls out with Burke still on the top rope. Dreamer then gets up and turns around, but Burke goes airborne and hits a diving crossbody splash.

He covers Dreamer, one...two...Dreamer just barely kicks out as the live audience is deafening! Burke looks highly frustrated and he starts yelling at the ref. He backs the ref into a corner and proceeds to yell at him. Dreamer slowly stands up and rushes to Burke, but he side-steps Dreamer and he ends up hitting the ref.

Dreamer tries to apologize to the downed ref, but as soon as he turns around, Burke hits him in the face hard with brass knuckles. Dreamer staggers and Burke turns him around and hits the "Elijah Experience!"

He goes for the cover, but there's no ref! Burke gets upset and goes outside of the ring and grabs a chair. 

He gets back into the ring and it looks as if he's going to hit Dreamer in the head, but he stops himself. He drops the chair and looks at the crowd. He then gets out of the ring and gets a table from under the ring. 

He slides it into the ring and sets it up. As he tries to get the downed Dreamer up, Dreamer low blows him and hits a huge "Dreamer Driver!" on him through the table! Dreamer gets rid of the table evidence and then he goes for the cover.

The ref is still down! Dreamer goes to revive the ref. Burke is slowly moving. 

Finally after a short while, another ref sprints down to the ring to check to see if the other ref can continue. As soon as Dreamer goes back to cover Burke, Burke rolls up Dreamer. One-two-three! Elijah Burke has just upset Tommy Dreamer at Wrestlemania!

Burke quickly rolls out of the ring and stumbles his way back up to the top of the ramp. Dreamer looks distraught and confused. The ref explains himself, but Dreamer isn't hearing it, he lifts the ref up on his shoulders and hits him with a "Dreamer Driver!" 

(The camera then cuts away to Paul Heyman and RVD in the lockerroom looking at the monitor.)

Heyman: This is terrible! That's not right! What ever, well Rob its up to you. The whole brand is pulling for... no the whole world is pulling for you to completely end this dipicable reign of power this idiot has. Even though your match is a little later, I want you to imagine right now how it would be if you were to let us all down and HE.. retains.

I want you to thinks about all of thee little children in the crowd that all call you their hero. I want you to think about your family, who has also been affected by this evil anarchy known as Team Swagger. 

You're Team ECW's captain and for us all to sleep easy tonight, we all need for you to take that power out of the vile hands of Jack Swagger. He isn't even worthy to lace up your boots. Think about everything that he's done to your Legendary ECW Brothers, Former General Manager Teddy Long, Hornswoggle, Tiffany, not to mention he did have you arrested not too long ago.

This is all on you. We love you man. I know I'm putting a lot of pressure on your shoulders, but this is Wrestlemania 25! The absolute biggest Wrestlemania in the entire history of Wrestlemanias. You two are ECW's headline. I need you to bring this Team Swagger Power Trip to an end!

Will you be the man who will single-handedly end this destruction of your home, ECW? Or will you be the man that helped bring this brand to its end, to its final destination, Team Swagger? Its up... to... you!

(Heyman taps RVD on his shoulder and leaves the lockerroom. RVD looks very serious and continues with his pre-match training.)

The next match announced for the night was the Smackdown Casket Match

After the match, the camera cut to RVD and Jack Swagger making their way to the entrance way in split screen, then the camera shows the build-up feud for the match.

First to comeout was Jack Swagger with his new theme song, (I Don't Wanna Stop by Ozzy Osbourne) He stops mid-way in his entrance and holds the title above his head and all of a sudden all the lights go out and a gigantic amount of pyro goes off!

The lights then come back on and he makes his way all the way down to the ring.

Then RVD comes out and mid-way through his entrance he stops and does his RVD taunt and a bunch of pyro goes off for him and the crowd is out of their seats as he makes his long awaited entrance to the ring.

As soon as the introductions are over, the cage begins to come down as both men are staring holes into each other.

ECW Wrestlemania Main Event

Extreme Steel Cage Match for the ECW World Heavyweight Title

Jack Swagger (c) vs Rob Van Dam

The bell rings and they meet in the middle of the ring. Swagger talks trash and RVD looks pissed. RVD then explodes into haymakers delivered to the champion. RVD then throws Swagger off of the ropes and delivers a huge spinning kick to the jaw of Swagger.

RVD then hits a huge standing moonsault on the downed Swagger and goes for the early cover.

One...two...Swagger powers out and staggers to his feet in a daze as RVD continues his barrage of offensive attacks. Swagger still in a daze gets driven hard into the corner by RVD's shoulder. RVD then does his signature shoulder block combo. As Swagger staggers out of the corner RVD hits a huge superkick.

RVD then gets a chair that was on the cage and lays it on Swagger's chest. RVD then signals for the "Rolling Thunder!" RVD begins to roll, but Swagger quickly moves out of the way and RVD lands only on the chair. RVD screams in pain as Swagger tries to regain his composure. 

Swagger then goes and gets RVD up to his feet and he delivers a powerful clothesline. Swagger then gets RVD back up to his feet and throws him into the corner. Swagger then charges over to the corner and splashes RVD. As RVD stumbles out, Swagger wraps his arms around RVD and hits a strong belly-to-belly suplex.

He goes for the cover, one...two...RVD kicks out and Swagger gets upset.

Swagger then gets RVD up and aggressively throws him face-first into the steel cage. RVD bounces ferociously off of the cage and dizzily staggers backwards and Swagger grabs him and throws him into the opposite side of the cage. RVD's head bounces off of the cage and it causes RVD to be busted-open!

RVD falls to the mat hard and Swagger looked to be leaving the cage door, but turned around and looked at RVD's lifeless body. Swagger then closes the cell door and goes back to RVD. He mount him and starts to pummel RVD's wound!

The crowd is booing bigtime for the melicious assualt on their favorite superstar. Swagger then gets up and grabs the ladder off of the cage. 

Swagger then wedges the ladder sideways in the corner. As RVD slowly rises to his feet, Swagger picks up a chair and knocks the living hell out of RVD. Swagger then drops the steel chair and gets RVD up to his feet.

Swagger taunts the live audience and slaps RVD hard. Swagger then grabs RVD's arm and throws him into the wedged ladder, but RVD hops up on the ladder and hits a big time moonsault on Swagger. Both men are down.

After about twelve seconds, RVD gets up to his knees and Swagger has grabbed the chair again. Swagger approaches RVD, but RVD jumps up off of his knees and onto his feet and hits the "Vandamintator!" Swagger goes down and RVD slowly crawls onto Swagger for the pin.

Just as the ref begins to count, Elijah Burke climbs the cage and knocks out the ref completely. Burke gets the weakened RVD up onto his feet and hits him in the face with the brass knuckles.

RVD goes down. Elijah then gets the wedged ladder and then lays it down in the middle of the ring. He gets RVD up again and hits his signature move, "The Elijah Experience" on the ladder!

Burke then pulls Swagger onto RVD for the pin. He goes to revive the referee, but the ref wont move! Elijah then signals for the entry way and a referee comes running out to the ring. Elijah climbs out of the cage and heads back to the lockerroom.

Swagger slowly gets up and gets RVD up. Swagger sets up and hits the "Third Degree!" Swagger covers RVD, one...two...Thr...RVD kicks out again!

The crowd is going nuts as Swagger can't believe it! Swagger then tries to climb out of the cage, but all of a sudden, Paul Heyman's theme hits and he along with Dreamer, Finlay, Sabu, Raven, Ortiz, Sandman, Terry Funk, and Evan Bourne all come down to the ring and surrounds it.

The men then gets the crowd to chant, "EC-Dub! EC-Dub! EC-Dub!" 

Swagger gets back into the ring and RVD is standing there waiting for him. As soon as Swagger turns around, RVD kicks him in his sternum and hits a tiger-driver! Swagger is out and RVD sets up a table.

RVD lays Swagger on that table and delivers about six right handed punches to the head of Swagger. RVD then begins to climb the cage.

He look down at all his ECW peers and does his RVD chant. He looks back down at Swagger and just as he's about to jump, he stops himself. He climbs back down the cage and says to his peers, "Its not right!" Heyman is going nuts as he wants RVD to destroy Swagger.

RVD helps Swagger up to his feet and all of sudden, RVD hits a bigtime roundhouse kick onto Swagger! He falls right back on the table and RVD gets a chair. Swagger slowly tries to sit-up, but RVD smacks him in the face with the chair.

Swagger is out and busted open on the table and RVD climbs the cage once more. RVD signals again and then he leaps high up in the air and hits one hell of a "five-Star Frogsplash!" 

RVD bounces and rolls around in the ring in pain from the serious high risk maneuver. He slowly but surely crawls over to the downed Jack Swagger and covers him. One-two-three! Its all over, Rob Van Dam is the new ECW Champion!

The ref opens the steel door and all men run in. They lift him up on Raven's shoulders and the crowd is going out of control! 

Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you your all new ECW World Heavyweight Champion, ECW's savior, Rob Van Dam! 

(The crowd goes nuts and Paul Heyman hands RVD his ECW World Heavyweight Title. Pyro goes off amazingly as the celebration continues!)

The camera then shows about five-to-six replays of the matches climax! 

Well that's it for the awaited ECW's Version of Wrestlemania 25!

Hope you all enjoyed it, please comment below and tell me what you think.

I'm OUT!  


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