San Francisco Giants-Brewers: Defense Is Here to Stay

Alex VaneveryContributor IApril 9, 2009

MILWAUKEE - APRIL 4: Aaron Rowand #33 of the San Francisco Giants swings at a pitch against the Milwaukee Brewers during the Opening Day game on April 4, 2008 at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Despite Lincecum's mediocre performance, the team stuck together. The bullpen was able to step up and stop the Brewers, and the batting was on fire, bringing five runs.

But the Cy Young winners performance wasn't the only thing being questioned by the fans. The first opening day was a much-needed win. It is the first in a season, but it reassured the Giants fan base that this is a new team that wants to win.

The second of three Cy Young's made their first start for the Giants. Standing at 6'10", Randy "the Unit" Johnson looked just as dominating on the mound as he had in his earlier years.

Johnson pitched five innings, two more than Lincecum, but he only walked one batter and retired seven. 

However, the Giants' bullpen has not always been the concern: it's the run defense and hitting.

Despite losing 4-2 on Wednesday, these only came off of two home runs and a walk, not due to sloppy fielding, as seen in the past.

Tuesday's win and Wednesday's loss both showed that the young Giants' defense wants to play and put the team back to its place on the list as a winning team.

To get back to the hitting, Aaron Rowand may just be able to silence critics as he has shown, when he finds his groove, he can turn on the flames.

It seems like the Giants have found a system that works; instead of finding a new face, they realized it's time to find a new age to start recruiting. Could this be the next 1986 Giants team?

Hopefully that question will be answered in the next few outings.