Overpaid MLB Players Acquired in 2008-09 Offseason

Taylor LunemannCorrespondent IApril 9, 2009

The Major League Baseball season is officially underway. There were many acquisitions and big contracts signed in the off season. Many people believe that a lot of the players in the league are overpaid and do not understand why these teams pay for these players. There are many players that I just do not believe are “earning” their salaries.  

I might as well start out with the two starting pitchers the New York Yankees signed, starting with AJ Burnett. He is basically only good at striking people out, his ERA is always around four, and his injuries are ridiculous.

Burnett has only pitched one full season which was last season in his contract year, no surprise there, but it was enough for the Yankees to get suckered in and purchase him for a ridiculous amount of money.

Next is the CC Sabathia. The 2007 Cy Young winner is by no means bad, but is he really worth 161 million over seven years? Sabathia was a fairly dominant pitcher in the AL Central, then tore up the National League, but I believe he will not do as well in a incredibly competitive and tough AL East.

On a side note, as his salary has gone up over the years, so has his weight, so expect him to top 500 lbs in a few years from now.

I will now move on to Milton Bradley where the Chicago Cubs welcomed in the guy with seven million a year to play outfield for them. I see many problems with this, the first one would be it is the Cubs which play in the National League.

This means he will have to play in the field. This means he will be getting injured twice as much. So his usual 60 games a season will be cut down to 30. Now you have to account for all the times he goes on the disabled list for mental breakdowns and you are now down to 15 games.

Factor in that 2/3 of the time he is playing injured leaves you with five productive games. So nice work Cubs, you are paying the man over $7 million a year for five productive games a season.

Did you think I was harsh on the Cubs for signing Bradley? Well that is not even close to as bad as the Detroit Tigers for signing Adam Everett. Go ahead and say he is only getting 1 million for a year of baseball.

Really though, I am fairly certain that they could find any shortstop in their farm system and throw him into the big leagues and they could bat over .200. I am giving the Tigers the benefit of the doubt by assuming they forgot to read the contract well enough and thought that Everett was going to pay them to play shortstop for them this year.

The Brewers are up next for signing the all time saves leader Trevor Hoffman. Although Hoffman is actually taking a pay cut from last year, he is incredibly washed up. His so called “wicked” change up is a whopping two mph slower than his fast ball, which tops out at 72.

He will be getting dominated this year for sure which will leave Brewers fans wondering why they didn’t keep their pride and joy Brian Shouse. Ugh.

The Washington Nationals made a big move and acquired Adam Dunn. They also got him for a relatively good deal as well. So why is he on this list then? Well this reason is simple, because the Nationals are dreadful.

Why are they possibly going out and getting a big hitter when the rest of their team will still be horrible and not even come close to making the playoffs?

Dunn could hit a home run every game but when you have pitchers like Daniel Cabrera beaning every other batter and walking the ones in between the beans, your team is not likely to go anywhere anytime soon.

So I will give props to the Nationals for landing Adam Dunn and going nowhere with him.

There are plenty of other players out there that are getting paid way too much, but these are just a few of the bigger name ones that are worth noting.

All it takes in today’s sports is one semi good year of playing and a player will most likely have teams throwing money at them left and right, hoping to get them to sign and have them play like that the rest of their career. 

This is rarely the case, but in a year from now, it will be the GMs taking the heat, and I would not want to be in their seat when it happens.