Wrestlemania XXV Thoughts

Josh McClureContributor IApril 8, 2009

In what seemed like would be an epic event, WM25 has come and gone and left some fans thrilled and others with a bitter taste in their mouth.

The night began with one match I personally believed would either be a boom or bust.  What we ended up with was a mediocre match with half a dozen instances of people nearly breaking their neck (see: Shelton Benjamin's leap from the 20ft ladder). 

I believe the majority of fans were hoping that Christian would win MItB this year.  I was among those people.

While Punk won the match, Kofi Kingston definitely had his first Wrestlemania moments and definitely in my eyes is part of the future of the WWE.

By starting off his highlight reel by jumping the ladder being used as a clothesline and then landing a dropkick on it, to his swing through the side of the ladder, to jumping halfway up a falling ladder, Kingston stole the show when it came to this match.

My verdict is still out on Punk's MItB win.  I felt the ending was rather uneventful in a match that was full of botched sets when there was little room for error.

After this match, we had to sit through a short Kid Rock concert that was an utter waste of time.  I joined my friends to watch WWE, not a Kid Rock concert.

"Santina" Marella winning the 25 diva match, I felt, was a slap in the face to the whole division.  While it was humorous, it makes the whole women's division feel pointless when it greatly needs to restore some legitimacy and not just be an afterthought.

I was disappointed that Y2J went over the Legends.  I was glad that they did not drag out Jimmy Snuka's or Roddy Piper's parts of the match.  Neither of them physically have much to give in the ring anymore.

However, if Ricky Steamboat wanted to start making regular occasional appearances, I would be all for it.

For a 56 year old man, Steamboat's still got it.  I hope they continue this story on a small scale between The Dragon and Y2J.  I think the fans would love to see Steamboat go a few more times in the ring.

Another big waste of time: Mickey Rourke's impromptu "boxing match" with Jericho.  It wasn't needed and honestly, by the time WM had come around, Rourke was an afterthought in this storyline to me.

In what was likely the least built-up match this side of JBL-Mysterio, the Jeff vs. Matt match left some to be desired.  When I heard "Extreme Rules Match" I hoped for a classic Hardy match. 

However, we got a few good spots, a couple of crazy moments, and a finish that makes my neck hurt just to think about it.

I thoroughly expect this feud to last to Backlash and really, if played right, could run the summer, ending at SummerSlam.

Not much to say about a 21 second match.  Never was a fan of JBL's character and I don't understand putting the IC title on Rey when he's likely heading back to SD.  This match also dropped a big egg on the IC title.  When the belt hadn't been defended at WM in some time; it basically says the IC title means nothing anymore when the match for it is a mere 21 seconds.

I would like to see JBL come back as a GM or even better as a commentator.

In what has been the best match I've seen since Cena-HBK's hour long match on Raw after WM23, HBK-Taker was absolutely amazing.  For two middle-aged men to pull of this kind of match after both men having long, illustrious careers was unreal. 

While most went in thinking that there was no way HBK was going to end the streak (despite all the great promos Shawn had cut leading up to Sunday), there were times where you couldn't help but wonder if Michaels would actually do it. 

It still amazes me how WWE has kept these two from having hundreds and hundreds of matches over the years, but that's what made this one so special.  Easy 10/10 on this match.

The triple threat match would have been better off as just Edge vs Cena.  The Big SLOW did what he does best and made this match slower than it needed to be.  Not big on Cena going over here.  It seems like Cena can't be champ for long, let alone having him shoved down our throats during all WWE programming for 12 Rounds.

By the time the "main event" came around, everyone appeared to be dead.  The rush for time definitely killed this match.  I thought HHH's entrance was ridiculous.  The mirror was cool, but I wouldn't be going through my regular motions to a match if my family had been attacked by the individual in the ring. 

With Cena winning before, I thoroughly expected Orton to go over here, and would have preferred it. 

It is a shame that the Tag-Title Unification match was not a part of the broadcast.  From everything I have read, it was a great match.  The Colons winning over Miz and Morrison was a bit of a surprise as those two are probably the best tag team WWE has to offer right now (not to downplay the exciting action of Primo and Carlito).

Despite my ranting, I found myself thoroughly pleased with this years event.  TONS better than last years excruciatingly and painfully predictable card.  I would give it a 7.5 to an 8 out of 10.