WWE Elimination Chamber: 5 Reasons to Look Forward to Kaitlyn vs. Tamina

Sharon GlencrossContributor IFebruary 16, 2013

WWE Elimination Chamber: 5 Reasons to Look Forward to Kaitlyn vs. Tamina

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    At WWE's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Divas champion Kaitlyn will go against third-generation Tamina Snuka in her first major title defense since winning the belt from Eve Torres back in mid-January.

    Of course, the bout isn't really highly anticipated. It is a lowly Divas match on a heavily stacked card, after all.

    But, believe it or not, there are a few reasons to be excited for Kaitlyn vs. Tamina and think their match at the PPV will be something special.

    And here are five of them... 

5. It Will Be a Chance to See If Kaitlyn Has Improved as a Wrestler

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    OK, so Kaitlyn hasn't exactly shone as a wrestler throughout her WWE stint. Anyone remember that truly dreadful bout she had with Maxine back in 2010? This was so bad even Michael Cole openly mocked it while on commentary.

    Or how about all those awful matches she's had with Aksana recently? Why do WWE keep pairing those two up?

    Of course, Kaitlyn did show some glimmers of potential during her match with Eve on the January 14 Raw. This was a lively, exciting brawl which marked the first time Kaitlyn's spear finisher looked genuinely powerful and scary-looking.

    It will be interesting to see if, similar to Eve, Tamina will be able to get the very best out of her inconsistent foe.

4. It Will Give Us an Indication of Where WWE Is Going with Its Divas Division

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    Is WWE prepared to give its stale Divas division a real shot to be a success? Does it have faith in Kaitlyn to get over with the fans as the next big babyface Diva? Will Tamina be the next female monster heel?

    How Kaitlyn vs. Tamina is treated on the card, where it is placed, how much time the girls are given, etc., should tell us a lot about where the company is going with women's wrestling.

3. It Will Be Tamina's First Real Chance to Show off What She Can Do

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    Despite being one of the company's best female wrestlers (only Natalya is better), Tamina has found herself marginalized by WWE's booking team over the past year. She was stuck on internet-only show NXT for a while and then returned to the roster for a very stop-and-start push.

    Hey, anyone remember when she was aligned with Vickie Guerrero that one week?

    Thankfully, due to this current feud with Kaitlyn, the third-generation Diva is back in the spotlight. On Sunday, we'll have a chance to see her perform and show off her skills to a worldwide audience.

2. It Will Be a Chance to See How "Over" Each Girl Is

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    The reaction of the crowd in New Orleans to the bout should be able to tell us if WWE is on to anything with Kaitlyn. A strong reaction will validate the company's decision to give her the title and a sustained push.  Near-silence may mean it's time to write her off as another failed model-turned-wrestler experiment, like Christy Hemme and Ashley Massaro before her.

    It will also indicate if Tamina is getting over as a Kharma-like monster heel capable of getting heavy reactions from fans.

1. The Kaitlyn/Tamina Feud Is Believable

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    Unlike most women's programs in WWE, it's actually very easy to buy that Kaitlyn and Tamina strongly dislike one another and want to tear each other apart at the pay-per-view.

    The small plucky babyface vs. dominant heel dynamic is strong with two, making it one of the most compelling female feuds in a long time. This alone makes their bout worth watching.