20 Things I Want See This IPL

Arjun BayContributor IApril 8, 2009

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - MARCH 24:  IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi attends a press conference at the Wanderers Gymnasium on March 24, 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa. IPL chief Lalit Modi today announced that the IPL Twenty20 2009 tournament will be held in South Africa from April 18.  (Photo by Duif du Toit/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

Twenty things I want to see in the second IPL Season

1. Good weather- Last time we lost one match due t o the rain and one rain curtailed match. Lets hope we only have that few rain affected matches.

2.Pulsating crowds- The crowd were crazy last year in India. Lets see if SA can match up. The 100,00 in Eden gardens made every game in Kolkata brilliant. Can Durban or Jo burg match up?

3.  Big Fields with far boundaries- Small boundaries makes the game too full of sixes and fours making the bowlers useless and any batsmen can get runs. Its bad for both. I want sixes that are 100 meters not 60 meters. Top edges should be caught not go for a six.

4. Tracks with something for the bowlers- this makes the good bowlers better and the weaker batsmen will fail. We will see the cream rise to the top. The brilliance of Sachins and Jayasuria must be separated from the good. The bowlers will have more influence on the game. I hope to see average of 140 per innings.  We saw this last time too. From the initial score of 190-200 in the first five games it dropped to 150.
Bad balls should be punished and good balls should be wicket- taking deliveries. Make the batsmen work for their runs.

5. Six balls in an over- no ads when the ball is being played. I want all six balls. There are only 240 and each ball is an event. I want to see it all not missing the first and last ball.

6.Better Commentating – no more DLF SIXES or CITI Moment of success.  Give good stats. Don’t refer to a pitch as good. Answer these questions: Is there bounce? Will it turn? Is there grass? Size of out field?  Quickness of outfield? Past scores on this field?  Any cricketers that have experience with this track?

7. Over rates- If the match is supposed to be 3 hours force captains to finish the innings in 1.5 hours.

8. Great run chases- last year it felt like most teams wanted to bat first and many chases seemed to fall apart. There were two good ones. Chennai had a great one verses Delhi last year. Kolkata almost pulled blinder verse the Kings XI last year. Yuvraj was pulling his hair by the end of it but David Hussey couldn’t finish it.

9. Last over finishes- Similar to the previous one it adds excitement and to the pressure on every body. Failure can hurt. Look at Sanath Jaysuria verse the royals when he fumbled an easy run out on the last ball.  Success is brilliant i.e. Warne vs. Symonds in the royals verse Deccans.

10. Inspired captaincy- Look at Warne last year? Look at Dhoni? Inspire their team mates motivate their fielders and keep their players unified.

11. Big names living up their names- the guys getting paid the most should produce. No more dead weights like Laxman last year.

12. Young guys making a name for themselves- last year it was Shane Watson, Shaun Marsh, Shakar Dhawan. Who is it gong to be this year?

13.  Brilliant fielding- Catches win matches and run outs are even more important in this format. The only reason the super kings had a chance in the final was a brilliant run out from Suresh Raina. There were some great catches a la Delhi’s de-viliries vs. Kolkata.  Dives in the field to stop fours are a must

14.Team Rivalries- we saw some anger and passion between Warne and Ganguly last year. I want to see more but team rivalries. In the US look at Yankees vs. Red Sox in the MLB or Ravens vs. Steelers in the NFL. Obviously these teams have a lot of history but you want some antagonism in rivalries here.

15. Innovations- Opening with a spinner? Multiple captains? One over spells?  Four overs on the trot? Seven different bowlers? Wicket keeper standing up to fast bowlers? I want so see some new ideas in this format.

16. Tradition- Explain the idea of the orange hat and the purple hat. Make them look pleasing to wear.

17.Combinations you can only imagine- Sanath and Sachin? Warner and Sehwag? Gilchrist and Gibbs? Steyn and Bracken?

18. Funny bonding moments- Pollock falling when high fiving bravo. Sangakara singing to Brett less guitar… More back room stuff…

19. Personalities- 3 stars own teams. One liquor baron owns a team. And then we have the players. Lets see more of it.

20. Team items- Each team has to have an identity. A brand name that its fans can associate with the team. Nicer jersey’s that look professional. Make the Mumbai jerseys different than the Rajasthan royals. Other stuff that its fans can buy.

Are you listening Mr. Modi?