A Trip Through Current, Former Major Leaguers' Websites, Blogs

Duane WinnCorrespondent IApril 8, 2009

FORT MYERS, FL - FEBRUARY 23: Pat Neshek #17 of the Minnesota Twins poses during photo day at the Twins spring training complex on February 23, 2008 in Fort Myers, Florida. (Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images)

As usual, I've been careening through cyberspace this afternoon.

My daily visits include The Baseball Analyst, Baseball Reference, and Futility Infielder, among a myriad of others.

Of late, I've become a fan of Minnesota Twins reliever Pat Nesheg's blog. It's genial and informative.

A trip there compelled me to look at other Major Leaguers' Websites, past and present.

Let me tell you, it's a mixed bag.

Some of them are purely commercial. Let's say most of them are that way. Once every so often, though, you find a gem like Curt Schilling's blog that contains real insight.

The following Major Leaguer's Websites is an informal list.

If you care to mention some others, please feel free to leave a comment.



The former Minnesota Twins great's site contains pretty standard stuff, including  biography, stats and FAQ sections.

You can send a fan letter to Tony Oliva, but he doesn't sign autographs via mail.

That's a shame because I have a 1964 Topps Giants card sporting his likeness that I would love to get signed.

The most interesting feature is the "Hall" section which presents a convincing argument why Oliva should be inducted into Cooperstown.



An easy-to-navigate site that presents a biography of Rod Carew, along with his statistics and awards.

You can also keep up to date on Carew's appearances at events and, if you're a diehard Carew fan, there are signed bats, photos, bats and jerseys galore that you may order via mail. You can even obtain a signed 5x7 Hall of Flame gold plaque.



A meat and potatoes site, which you would expect from someone who hails from Idaho.

The sites contains news, biography, fast facts, photos and quotes.

My favorite quote about Harmon Killebrew comes courtesy of Phillies manager Charlie Manuel.

"Harmon told me never to chew gum at the plate. He said it makes your eyeballs bounce up and down.”

Who knew the "Killer" has a sense of humor?



Signed balls, bats, lithographs, posters, and more are available on this site.

It also contains information about the Brocks' ministry (both Lou and his wife, Jacqueline, are ordained ministers) and the couple's Affinity Program.

Lou Brock is a great guy and I'll tell you why.

A friend of mine traveled to Rockwell City, Iowa, in the summer of 1939 to obtain the signature of Babe Ruth on a baseball. Ruth, who was there for an exhibition, grabbed the baseball with a "Give it here, kid" and cheerfully signed it.

Segue to more than three decades later.

My friend traveled to St. Louis to get a signature of Henry Aaron on the same baseball that Ruth had signed. Aaron, though, rebuffed him in a hotel elevator.

Both Brock and Stan Musial witnessed the incident unfold, told my friend about the emotional and physical stress that Aaron was under as he neared The Babe's home run record, and arranged another meeting in Aaron's hotel room.

Aaron still was reluctant to sign, but finally did so under Brock's gentle coaxing. My friend was told later on that it was the only thing Aaron signed during the Atlanta Braves' road trip to St. Louis.



The site offers the standard fare such as a  bio, career highlights and memorabilia of the future Hall of Famer.

It also contains a blog that hasn't been updated since Jan. 22.

When he does blog, he has some interesting things to say about current salaries of Major League superstars, Hall of Fame selection criteria and other topics. These are archived and readily accessible.



Why Bert Blyleven isn't in Cooperstown is indefensible.

If you don't believe me, check out his site which, among other things, contains an archive of writers who present a compelling case for his inclusion in baseball's pantheon of immortals.

The site also features an archive of Bert's "Throwing You a Curve" columns which, unfortunately, he no longer writes. They're opinionated and a joy to read.

You can send a baseball for him to sign for $25, a bargain-basement price for a signature by one of the best pitchers ever to grace a mound. An added bonus is that a portion of the proceeds are earmarked for the American Parkinson's Disease Foundation.



Official site of the memorabilia-hawking king of baseball. Excuse me, that's hit king.



Johnny Bench was my father's favorite player of all time. He's mine, too.

It's no wonder then that the Hall of Fame catcher's site is my favorite.

When you click on the site, you get an audio replay that describes one of Bench's home runs.

And it just gets better as you navigate through his bio, career stats, photo gallery, and a list of memorabilia that is available for sale.



A weird site that features Andre Dawson's biography and career statistics, but not much else.



The treasure here is the "On the Road With Pat Neshek," a blog written by the popular Minnesota Twins' relief pitcher.

Neshek is on the mend following Tommy John surgery. It's particularly heart-rending to read his blog as he shares his thoughts about missing the season and his teammates.



Curt Schilling's blog vies with Neshek's as the most literate.

However, when it comes to offering outspoken opinions, Schilling's stands head and shoulders above the rest.

His latest offering is a preview of the 2009 Boston Red Sox. It's great stuff from a guy who's been there.

If Schilling doesn't make the Hall of Fame as a player, he has a legitimate shot at being inducted in the writer's wing.


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