Sir Alex Has a Lot to Think About While Manchester United Are Faltering

Shaunte ReneeContributor IApril 8, 2009

After being embarrassed by Liverpool at home, shocked by Fulham, exhausted after Aston Villa, and now stunned by a quick and energetic Porto side, Manchester United have many problems that need to be fixed quickly.

There was no last gasp goal by a 17 year old unknown to save them from destruction this time and they can only blame themselves for the hole that they are in.

During the Porto game, United looked lost, confused and downright tired.

The fact is United have been on a downhill slope, especially defensively since their lack of concentration and carelessness in the win against Inter.

But it carried over into the Liverpool match. Everyone thought their uninspiring play would cease and they would return to former glory.

That didn't happen; it got worse and worse, week after week. And last night it came full circle and their lack of concentration, and commitment cost them.

United are imploding, and sinking fast.

So, let's get down to the problems that need to be fixed if they are to win anything else this season.

First of all, what is going on with the team selections over the past couple of games?

Especially with Carlos Tevez?

Why has he not started in games he's needed most? For, example I was sure he and Wayne Rooney would get the start up front against Fulham, especially after their dazzling display against them in the FA Cup. But no, they were both left on the bench to make way for Ronaldo and Berbatov up front. Huh? What was Sir Alex thinking?

Another example is the game against Porto. Tevez must have felt due to the injury to Berbatov that he would get the start. But, again he is left on the bench.

He scored the goal they so badly needed, and gave them the lead. That's evidence enough that he should've started.

I understand Sir Alex wanted to rest Tevez a bit after coming back jet-lagged after international duty and playing against Villa, but why not just bring him on at half time instead of waiting for the later stages of the game?

The next problem and probably their biggest is their depleted defense.

During the magnificent run of clean sheets they went on without conceding a goal, United looked like a brick wall out there, not allowing the opposing teams attack a glimpse at the goal. Now, it's like every time the opposing side has the ball, they look like they're going to score.

They seem to lack confidence at the back, especially when there are quick players coming at them.

Another problem is fatigue. Yes, they are professional athletes paid loads of money to play all of these games, but they are only human and humans get tired.

United looked so tired and out of it for majority of the first half against Porto.

Nobody could get any momentum going forward and when Porto stole possession of the ball, particularly from Ronaldo, Evans couldn't clear the ball and it caused them to concede rather easily.

Which leads to the next problem. What the hell is going on with Cristiano Ronaldo losing the ball and not tracking back?

Did he forget that defense is an important part of the game, as much as attacking?

That is unforgivable.

First against Aston Villa, which led to a goal and then against Porto which led to another goal. Make the mistake once; okay, we can look past it. Make it again; your ass is on the bench. It would be a bold move, but it would teach Ronaldo a lesson.

He needs to be disciplined for his lack of commitment to track back and play defense or it will happen again, and again.

One of my points could be injuries but all teams suffer from injuries, so that's a given.

My last point is probably one that will upset a lot of United fans, but I know they are all thinking it. It's probably time to let the Quintuple go.

I as much as the next United fan would love to see it be achieved but with the way they are playing, the injuries, and the fatigue; it's time to sacrifice something to give these players a rest. Which ones Sir Alex would like to go for and which ones he'd rather let go; only he knows the answer to.

Bottom line is that even though they are facing an uphill climb, nothing is impossible, they are still in every competition and that's saying something. Sir Alex has a lot to ponder, with games coming thick and fast, time is running out on the Red Devils hopes of Title and Cup glory.