WWE Draft 2009: Who's Going Where?

George MakrisContributor IApril 8, 2009

First, let me start off by saying how weak Wrestlemania 25 was.

Everyone knew going in to it that HBK vs. Undertaker was going to steal the show, and it did. I was disappointed in the title matches and with the outcome of the Money in the Bank match. I also have no clue why they left the tag match off the PPV after building it up so much and why they left off a match for the ECW title. 

The WWE thought that beefing up Smackdown would help its ratings, but when it didn't, they finally came to their senses and realized that RAW is where their talent should go. The talent boost on Smackdown was a failure because the majority of the fanbase most likely enjoys going out on Fridays instead of watching television, while on Mondays they would rather come home after a hard day at work, drink a beer, and watch some RAW. Here are some of my predictions and opinions on this year's draft:

1. After RAW this past Monday, we found out that Vickie is the GM of RAW. My bet is that Edge and Big Show will both move into RAW.

2. The hispanic demographic has gone way down on Smackdown and the only way to fix that is to put a hispanic wrestler on Smackdown. Booyakah Booyakah 619...Rey is coming back.

3. With all the talent leaving Smackdown and going to RAW, Smackdown is in desperate need of recovery, and since there is no shot Orton leaves Raw, Jericho is moving to Smackdown.

4. The Hardys are definitely staying on Smackdown to continue their feud.

5. Batista just returned and there is nothing on RAW for him to do, so he will go back to Smackdown as well. 

6. I hope good ol' JR comes back to RAW where he belongs. 

7. With the new WWE Superstars coming soon, there is no need for four shows. They should just scrap ECW and put talent on Smackdown and RAW and release all the scrubs that are not being used.

8. After losing the Tag titles, I predict a Miz and Morrison break up. Morrison is very good in the ring and on the mic, and does not need the Miz holding him back.

9. Triple H is coming back to RAW, but then they have to do something with the World Title. CM Punk is cashing it in on draft night. 

10. I would like to see Undertaker on RAW, but people tune into Smackdown just to watch him so I think it's a long shot but it could happen. 

11. It would be smart for the WWE to put Christian wherever Edge ends up, but after ECW Tuesday night and the race for the ECW title, I don't see that happening. Edge and Christian have a history and work well together. Christian does not belong on a show like ECW filled with scrubs besides Swagger.