Georgia Bulldogs "What If" Analysis of Upcoming G-Day

Robert HollandCorrespondent IApril 8, 2009

I'm not really one to get caught up in the "what if's" in life.

And it's probably not something a lot of fans think about when it comes to Georgia's G-Day, the fans' first opportunity to see the new offense and defense square off against each other.  Most people are just so excited to get to Sanford Stadium and take in all the action of another awesome year of Georgia football—as they should be!

For some reason though, I was just thinking about how certain scenarios could play out on Saturday and how to interpret them.

So if I may, let me give you a couple of "what if's" that have been running through my mind regarding what we'll see this Saturday at G-Day.

What If No. 1: What if Georgia's offense is absolutely manhandled by the defense?

If this happens, then we can assume that Georgia's defense has made amazing strides since last season and is absolutely dominating their game.

There are a lot of players on defense this year that are ready to come out fighting, none more so than Willie Martinez—Georgia's Defensive Coordinator.  So perhaps we will see a dominating Georgia defense on Saturday.


What if No. 2: If Georgia's defense does dominate, then what would that say about the offense?

In a scenario where Georgia's offense is getting man-handled by the D, we can either assume that the defense is just so amazing that even the best offense in the SEC won't stand a chance, or Georgia's offense has a lot of room for improvement.

What if No. 3:  What if Georgia's offense absolutely manhandles the defense?

In this scenario, we could either assume that Georgia's offense is so dominant that no other defense in the SEC will stand a chance, or that the defense still has a lot room for improvement

This would be a situation where I would have the most concern.  From everything I've read, Georgia's defense is ready to prove themselves this year.  Sure, there are injuries at the defensive ends, but even Coach Richt believes the ends will be 100 percent healthy by game day.

Perhaps the best scenario:

It would great to see an impressive performance from both sides of the ball.

From an offensive perspective, I'm excited to see Georgia's running backs come out and give an amazing show of speed, cut backs, and power.

And perhaps I'm most excited to see Joe Cox come out and show his true colors as the leader that the entire team needs from the quarterback position.  Cox has been waiting a long time for this situation and, in my opinion, the fact that he's stayed at Georgia over the years is a reflection of his true leadership, dedication, and commitment to the team.

From a defensive perspective, I'm excited to see Willie Martinez shine with his determination despite all the criticism he's had to endure since last year.

Obviously, Martinez knows that everyone is going to be watching his defense closely and the media is ready to criticize the slightest errors on the field.  But one thing is for sure, he's got a lot of experienced players starting on defense this year, and learned a lot of hard lessons from last year, and that should be enough fuel to keep the defense fired up until the final whistle each and every game.


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