The Good Hidden in the Shadows, but the Bad Brought to the Light

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIApril 8, 2009

It was the night of the Royal Rumble 2004, where two epic forces would start a feud that would become epic.

Or would it?

Eyes blazed with fury, no hesitation "I must prove my dominance now," is what kept ringing through the head of "The Next Big Thing."

Fuel that led the ticking time bomb to the ring left a trail of fire behind. F-5, F-5, F-5 would end the debut of the unstoppable force in the Royal Rumble, who once held a 82-win streak; Angle took advantage and eliminated the dominant force.

Redemption was glazed over Goldberg's eyes with motivation to take away Lesnar's lovable prize.

No Way Out, the underdog Eddie Guerrero was looking for his first ever major championship run. He had to go through the man, the beast Brock Lesnar. Eddie seemed to become another victim of Lesnar's long list, but then the ragging bull Goldberg interfered to award Eddie's long awaited WWE championship title run.

Brock, angered with thoughts of destroying destroy Goldberg, would get his chance at the Spectacular Wrestlemania 20. But not before hitting the road block on Rattle Snake Lane. Lesnar wanted revenge on Austin for fueling Goldberg's thoughts to attack him at No Way Out, which overall led Lesnar to lose the title.

Lesnar paid a visit to Austin and viciously attacked him, then rode off on Austin's four-wheeler. Austin would not lay down, and got his revenge (and eventually his four-wheeler) but it don't stop there. Austin was awarded to be the special enforcer in the match that would be EPIC...or so we all thought.

Wrestlemania 20 was here, the night was electric, as all fans around the world were looking forward to the incredible card. But the most eye-catching was the meeting of the two MAN-BEAST.

The match was set to go. "Ding, ding," as the bell rang, the crowd waited in anticipation for the ring to explode with two time bombs in the ring. Then they waited some more, and after they looked at their watch, they waited some more.

Then, finally, the action got started. The two giants locked up and there was even a bump, oh my.

Then more stare down, more lock ups, and more bumps. Then, out of nowhere, a chant gets started. "Na na, hey hey, goodbye".

Then, finally, the match that gave me eye problems for years ended. Goldberg was victorious, but both men were awarded two freshly opened cans of whoop a**, with two Stone Cold Stunners, which was the highlight of the match.

This match had the potential to be, if not the greatest, one of the greatest matches—not in just Wrestlemania history but in all of wrestling history.

But, noooo! WWE had to drop the ball once again.

After reading all these article's about this year's Wrestlemania, I wondered what could have been worse than this, and here you go: Lesnar vs Goldberg.

I thought this would be the last time I would see a match like this, but I was so wrong, which leads me to this.



After seeing the WWE basically disrespect JBL and Rey in some form this past Sunday, I am so fed up.

Knowing that this would be JBL's last match, WWE had a chance to put on an awesome match to give him thanks for all he did, but no, he gets beat in 20 seconds. Twenty seconds for the so-called prestigious Intercontinental title.

This was also disrespect to Rey, although I am proud of Rey. I am upset that they would have him win in that form, instead of letting him showcase his talents.

So, WWE: Stop wasting air time and people's hard-earned money and putting on crap matches. But what WWE likes to do is hide the great matches in the dark (Colons vs Miz and Morrison) and bring the crap to the light.

Speaking of crap, I bet the people who watch "two girls, one cup" would rather watch some of the stuff that WWE and TNA put on these days.

"Ewww," to the one's that really would.


I know I wrote an article about the triple threat match on the latest "The Showdown" which I said would be great. But if I could eat those words, I would. I am tired of triple threat matches at Wrestlemania. Honestly, please come up with something new, WWE. They are annoying. They seem good at first, but we the fans are ultimately disappointed.


The HBK vs. Undertaker match will go down in Wrestlemania history, and I mean it. That probably will end up being the best Wrestlemania match ever. That match had me standing on my feet at some moments, and that usually never happens.

But now that it's all said and done, what they heck can WWE do to match that incredible match?

Well, I have an idea. Since the streak will likely stay unbeaten all the way to retirement, I think it's time to spice it up.

Undertaker should get in a feud with a GM, which would lead the GM to destroy the Phenom.

So Wrestlemania 26 is getting closer, and the GM comes up with an idea that will have a chance to end the streak of the Undertaker.

So the GM picks five up-and-coming stars who have not found their way to the top of the WWE, but this feud could give them that push.

It will be a gauntlet match if any of the five young stars pin the Undertaker. Not only will it be the end of the streak, it will be the end of his career. Also, the winner will get a shot at any WWE title of their choosing. Undertaker will come down to one man left and what will become another classic finish, Undertaker wins, but the match is restarted with Last Man Standing rules, which Undertaker will once again win.

So there goes my long article. I hope you enjoy, as I put a lot a time in this and hope it gets the attention it deserves.

Thank you. Please comment and leave suggestions/feedback.


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