Bellator 89 Results: Eduardo Dantas and the Real Winners and Losers on Spike TV

Jonathan Snowden@JESnowdenCombat Sports Senior WriterFebruary 15, 2013

Bellator 89 Results: Eduardo Dantas and the Real Winners and Losers on Spike TV

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    Most training partners want no part of fighting the same men they work with day in and day out. How can you trust someone to give you their all in the gym if the specter of competition hung over you all the time? It's one major reason why getting MMA fighters to compete with their teammates is the worst part of any promoter's job. Guys, simply put, just don't want to fight their friends.

    Eduardo Dantas and Marcos Galvao, I assume, understand this. They also reject it outright.

    The Bellator bantamweights did battle for the world title tonight and you'd have never guessed that they trained together at Andre Pederneiras's world renowned Nova Uniao gym in Rio de Janeiro. Or that Galvoa was not just a mere training partner, but actually Dantas's mentor.

    Dantas won the fight, but he was not the only winner on this night. MMA is funny—sometimes you can lose a fight on the scorecards and win the hearts and minds of the fans. Others can win a boring decision and lose the confidence of promoters and matchmakers. It's never as simple as the official results.

    So who were the real winners and losers? Click on to find out. Disagree? Let's discuss in the comments.

Winners: Eduardo Dantas and Marcos Galvao

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    Eduardo Dantas was in tears after his title defense over Marcos Galvao. And they weren't tears of joy despite his gorgeous uppercut to end the bout. A little context will help you understand.

    Mixed martial arts is the most intimate of sports. Inside the cage, it's just you and an opponent, standing across the cage, pacing and nervous. Sizing each other up. Preparing to unleash a whirlwind of pain.

    It's a battle, not just of punches and kicks, but of wills. A fighter has to be willing to accept pain and danger in order to deliver the same on his opponent. The risks are significant. It's not something anyone should take lightly.

    And that's why, much to UFC president Dana White's chagrin, it's hard to get teammates to square off in the cage. For all our insistence that this is not a blood sport, at its core, MMA is as much a fight as it is an athletic competition. The goal is to stop an opponent in his tracks—not just physically, but metaphorically. Each bout has huge implications on a fighter's career as well as his well-being.

    None of that stopped Dantas and Galvao from stepping into the cage and giving their all. True professionals. Two great fighters. What a contest.

Winners: Dan Cramer and Brian Rogers

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    Suplexes. Lateral drops. Sweeps. Thai plumbs. Flying knees. And punches. Oh so many punches.

    The Bellator middleweight quarterfinal between Dan Cramer and Brian Rogers had it all.

    The action was so fast, so furious, that at time the two barely appeared to be human. If you'd told me it was a 2013 version of Tekken and these guys were actually Paul Phoenix and Raven, I would have totally believed you.

    Cramer had his hand raised in what was an incredibly close bout. But no one lost this fight.

Loser: Norman Paraisy

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    If you didn't know that France was the modern home of what we call "Greco-Roman" wrestling, the form of amateur wrestling that doesn't allow any holds below the waist, watching Frenchman Norman Paraisy might have clued you in.

    It was apparent, after watching him fight Brett Cooper for three rounds, that Paraisy had never seen a double-leg takedown.

    An exaggeration? Maybe. But if he's seen it, he certainly didn't have the slightest idea about how to defend it. Cooper planted him on the mat again and again with a simple double leg to score a unanimous victory and move on the the middleweight tournament semifinals.

Winner: Dikembe Mutombo

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    When Dikembe Mutombo is in the house, you've got to come correct. No weak stuff allowed.Those are just the rules of the game. What game? The game of trying to throw things into various containers.

    Whether you are an old man trying to toss some trash into the office receptacle or a little kid trying to sneak your favorite cereal in the shopping cart, Mutombo is merciless.

    That, at least, is the premise of Geico's latest ad. And it is glorious. Who doesn't love Dikembe Mutombo and his saucy finger waggle? This commercial made my night.

Winner and Loser: Doug Marshall

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    There's nothing subtle about Doug Marshall. He has serious power in his hands and that's his whole game. He charges forward, throws winging hooks and hopes to clip his opponent.

    When it works, he scores a first-round knockout. When it fails, he loses by first-round knockout. His last four fights, including his Bellator middleweight tournament win over Andres Spang, have ended that way. He's walking, breathing excitement.

    But look—when you have a slick bald head and have a giant Iron Cross tattooed on your chest, a symbol of Hitler's Germany, you probably shouldn't use "activate the hate" as your catchphrase. It's a bad look, not just for Bellator, but for Spike TV as well.

Winner: This Humble Reviewer

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    We all have our guilty pleasures. For some it's the music of Justin Bieber. Others secretly DVR Maury Povich on the daily to see who the baby's daddy is.

    Know this about me—I love fat guy fights.

    From Tank Abbott to Akebono, nothing is better than watching a man who hasn't seen his own genitals in years compete in an athletic contest. So make no mistake about it. I was thrilled beyond belief that Bellator debuted what was apparently a whale division on this show.

    David Mejia and  Mont McMullens both pushed the heavyweight limit to the brink, meaning there was more than a little jiggle during the bout. To my great joy. Mejia won the fight by stoppage in the first round—a blessing for all, as a second round wouldn't have been pretty.


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    These weren't the most entertaining prelims ever, nor the most star-packed. In fact, between us, our staff of full-time writers were hard pressed to recognize more than a few of them.

    But what they lacked in action, they made up for in pure quality. Not in the cage—on my laptop. has a beautiful stream, perfect and pristine at all times.

Official Main Card Results

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    Bantamweight title fight: Eduardo Dantas beat Marcos Galvao by KO (uppercut), Round 2.

    Dan Cramer beat Brian Rogers by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28).

    Brett Cooper beat Norman Paraisy by unanimous decision (30-27 X 3).

    Doug Marshall beat Andreas Spang by KO (punch), Round 1.