CM Punk vs. The Rock: What Win at PPV Event Would Mean for Each Fighter

Rob GoldbergFeatured ColumnistFebruary 15, 2013

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Although The Rock and CM Punk battled for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble, they will do it again at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

CM Punk was obviously less than satisfied by the result of the last match. This is not only because he lost, but he did not believe the outcome was fair.

The rematch will hopefully provide a little bit of closure.

This contest is certain to be the most exciting battle at the pay-per-view—even compared to the title event between the six competitors searching for a chance to fight for the heavyweight championship.

Both The Rock and CM Punk are capable of winning, but the victory would mean something different for each side.


The Rock

It took a few years for The Rock to truly make his return on the sport. He started feuding with John Cena and eventually defeated him at WrestleMania. 

However, this seemed to be just for show until he was able to defeat CM Punk at the Royal Rumble.

Beating him again would solidify the fan favorite as someone who will be there to stay. While Dwayne Johnson still films the occasional movie, a continued title reign would definitely please the WWE fans.

In addition, it would set up a very exciting rematch at WrestleMania between him and No. 1 contender Cena.

While this would disprove the "Once in a lifetime" slogan from last year's WrestleMania, there is nothing bigger than watching two of the biggest stars in the WWE competing against each other for a title. 

With 18 career title reigns between the two, there is no doubt that this would draw a big crowd.


CM Punk

While CM Punk has not won the belt as many times as The Rock, his run with the title was one of the longest of all time.

If he is able to defeat his opponent in this battle, he will be proven right. He deserved to keep the title all along.

Without much competition going, it would not be surprising to see CM Punk start another long reign as title holder as he climbs the ranks of the best wrestlers in history.

Defeating The Rock in a pay-per-view event would certainly go a long way toward helping his legacy.

In addition, it will also likely set up a match against John Cena at WrestleMania. While this would not be original, it would still be something that wrestling fans would love to watch.

While this could be another great spot to lose his belt, fans should learn at this point never to count out the fighter.


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