Jaguars News: David Garrard Wants "Romo-Like" Contract

XXX XXXSenior Writer IMarch 30, 2008

It has been announced that Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback, David Garrard, is supposedly looking for the big stick, the big bucks, his piece of the action.

It has been only a matter of months since the Dallas Cowboys crowned Tony Romo with a six-year, $67.5 million deal. In addition, it has only been a short time since the Pittsburgh Steelers' signed Ben Roethlisberger to an eight, nine year deal that dwarfed Tony Romo's.

Now Garrard is looking for some action. Is he worth it? Let's look at the 2007 seasons of the two ...


Romo: 4,211

Garrard: 2,509


Romo: 36

Garrard: 18


Romo: 19

Garrard: 3


Romo: 64.4

Garrard: 64.0



- Garrard was exceptional! Better than Romo in the playoffs, and unlike Romo he does not get asked to throw it long time after time due to the style of the Jaguars' offense.

- Only 3 picks, not to forget that 4th down run against the Steelers in the playoffs. Take away T.O. and let's see Romo's numbers. The NFL Playoffs is how you get into Canton. In two playoff games Romo has a botched snap and forgot how to throw the ball away against the g-men.

- Garrard is a fine QB. He should get just less than Romo, not because he is any worse (he isn't), but because the Jags aren't a big-time moneymaking organization like the Cowboys, so the salary cap is not automatically the only constraint in salary negotiations.

- Romo could learn a little something from Garrard. Like how to not throw silly interceptions. All QB's have a bad game. The Eagles game, however, gnaws at me. The playoff loss to the Giants gnaws more. Romo had a bad interception in each game. However, in the Giants loss, the onus was on Crayton. Just think, Garrard has worse WR's than Romo, and they at least won a game. Something to be said for that. Romo is a decent QB. Decent. Take away Owens and I guarantee that D-II arm of his will show why it is attached to an undrafted free agent.


- Garrard doesn't have the game savvy that Romo does, or the 'IT' factor. Garrard isn''t Brady, Favre, Manning. He is just a man good enough to make it in the NFL; similar to many others that have came and went. He should just take what he can get.

- I don't believe Garrard has the same heart as Romo, or Brady or Manning. You play for the game or you play for the money, or a little bit of both. Garrard is closer to the middle or bottom. Proven by the fact that he wants Romo's money.

- Even in the games where teams took away TO, Romo still put up big numbers. That's like somebody saying, if you take away Moss, Brady does not have that crazy season. If you take away Romo, TO and Witten would not have put up their numbers since the QB would have been sacked. People fail to point out how many plays Romo kept alive that would have been sacks.


- This isn't about Garrard being better or worse than Romo or Roethlisberger.  It's about what he would get paid on the open market. With the high dollar contracts that good players signed this off season, I could see him getting Romo numbers.

- The Jags might have a hard time putting the franchise tag on him with a cap number of the top 5 QBs.


So therin lies the arguments... what say you, Bleacher Report?


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