NBA Trade Deadline 2013: Josh Smith and Other Players Guaranteed to Be Moved

Tyler BrookeSenior Analyst IIFebruary 14, 2013

Josh Smith is a likely candidate to be moved.
Josh Smith is a likely candidate to be moved.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

With the NBA trade deadline fast approaching, front offices are working constantly to find that one player to help their team make a playoff push.  Big names have already been mentioned in trade rumors, and they are beginning to prepare for a change in scenery.

Here are a few big names that are about to be on the way to new teams.


Josh Smith

The Atlanta Hawks are currently sixth in the Eastern Conference, but have begun to struggle after the injury to Lou Williams, who is now out for the season.  According to, General Manager Danny Ferry is looking at potentially trading Smith as long as the deal is fair.

There have already been several teams that have shown interest in Smith, and his days in Atlanta are now numbered.  Smith is on his last year of his contract, and will be looking for big money, despite his age.  The Hawks are likely not interested in paying him this kind of money, and it would make sense to send him to another team for younger talent.

Regardless of where Smith goes, he is still a talented veteran who could provide a team with solid scoring defense.


Paul Millsap

The Utah Jazz have been pleased with how Millsap has played during his time with them, but the Jazz are going to begin looking for a bigger presence inside, and it looks like Millsap is going to be traded away.

The Brooklyn Nets haven’t made it a secret that they are trying to make a trade happen before Feb. 21.  According to, the Nets have now shifted their interest toward Millsap, and are actively seeking a trade that could potentially send a player like Kris Humphries to the Jazz.

While it is unsure who exactly would be sent to the Jazz, this deal makes a lot of sense for the Nets.  The team doesn’t have anyone dominant in the paint other than Brook Lopez, and Millsap could be a good addition to get some points inside.  All in all, expect Millsap to be in a Nets uniform in the next week.


Brandon Jennings

Jennings has become a true scorer in the NBA, and with the trade deadline just one week away, it seems likely that he may be on his way out of Milwaukee.

A high-scoring point guard is an appealing target for any team, but one team in particular has expressed interest in the former first-round pick. The Dallas Mavericks have expressed interest in Jennings, according to

This acquisition could make this team very deadly.  They recently added O.J. Mayo, and those two in the backcourt could be a truly frightening combination.  Darren Collison has produced as the starting point guard, but he doesn’t feel like a long-term option at the position.  Mark Cuban will be aggressive with this trade, and he will do a lot to make it happen.