Comparing Vince McMahon and Al Davis

John LinerCorrespondent IApril 8, 2009

As time progresses, I notice similar gripes between fans of Raider Nation and fans of the WWE.  They are loyal to their cause, but there's a common denominator in both cases: the boss. 

Al Davis has a habit of firing coaches and giving public humiliation.  Those coaches go on to have winning seasons elsewhere in the NFL while Davis’ Raiders start from the bottom year after year.

Vincent McMahon displays the same tendencies of firing, along with his own special club of humiliated employees.

Both have been hands on with their product throughout the years, and continue think they still the ‘it’ factor.  Maybe it’s time that someone should bring out a James Brown cape to let them know the show’s over.

For all the secrecy behind Vince’s storylines, some of it appears to be all smoke and no substance.  I want to believe the best and hope the boss will make everything alright in the end.  But what if he can’t?

A tell-tale sign the end is near is when talent begins to be wasted.  McMahon’s twin has had more than a fair amount of first round picks and pro-bowlers.  There are a number of wrestlers in the WWE who seem to be under-used.  Keep an eye on Orton’s post Wrestlemania development.

Much of the past prestige has been left aside too in the WWE.  The Cash4Gold people won't even take the belts in their current state.

  • The Intercontinental title has lost all its valor (read more here).
  • Women’s titles are not highly respected.

  • Tag titles are far from their glory days (Hart Foundation, New Age Outlaws, Edge & Christian)

  • There’s no strong world champion…just revolving door champions.

Maybe the masses think McMahon still has it.  For wrestling's sake, I hope so too.