Dear San Antonio, Many Of Your Fans Suck—Signed, A Real Spurs Fan

Rodrigo Bravo@mrbravo2000Contributor IApril 8, 2009


A Letter To Whom It May Concern:

As you know from the countless number of articles I've written, I too am from San Antonio. Also, if you read my bio, then you know I do sport silver and black lenses in my views.

Lastly, in case you can't add two + two (which is the same number of championships won by favorite team) you may glean from my postings that I am a huge Spurs fan.

But you. Yea, you in the back. I don't like you.

Oh yea, you wore 21 on black like I do. Oh sure, you have a Bruce Bowen bobble head on the dashboard of your car. Hell, you may have actually eating a chicken fajita taco from TC's only because Sean Elliot kept suggesting so. 

But I don't like you, supposed Spurs fan. And you know who you are. 

Manu Ginolbli, after several tests that were conducted Monday in San Antonio, will miss the remaining games of the season as well as the playoffs after tests revealed a stress fracture in the right distal fibula, the lower portion of one of the three bones that form the ankle joint. (Read about it here)

My friend text messaged me the news and I immediately went into damage control. 

"Maybe they can get back to the rotation they had before..." "Perhaps this will challenge the Spurs to rise for the  occasion..." "Maybe playoff tickets won't be as expensive this year when I go purchase from Eddie the Scalper..." 

However, I was quickly taken over by a sweeping anger known as bellweather fans.

Half hearted Spurs fans are notorious for their Chicken Little tendencies, flailing their arms helplessly whenever the Lakers pick up a 5th round draft pick, the Suns trade for Shaq, or when Luis Scola scores in Houston. Every moment lost is an inch further from the championship. GASP!

"The team is no longer in contention!" "Oh no, the Spurs are out of it!" "Please, please, please, DO cry for me Argentina!"

However, the rhetoric spewed this week almost reached levels not seen until the Houston Astros midseason before that late playoff push.

Having a knack for being at the forefront of technology, the incessant need to showcase my irreverent thinking, and my need for (?) social interaction, I joined Twitter awhile back. (I'm @mrbravo2000 on there.)

As news developed, I started noticing the trickle of Spurs fans reacting to the news. In fact, heres a sampling of it in real time:

@sa2ny2004 he needs to go. too much of a liability now. see ya Manu!

@KingMike210: I been done said this... "TRADE MANU GINOBILI!!" Its bout that time... could still get good value for him. they shoulda done it last year...

@Teriaon_Taylor: Manu is not really a factor fo da spurs da whole spurs team weak dey need 2 trade manu or duncan or parker

@CR_Creative: Manu being ineffective/out for another postseason underscores why front office needed to trade depth for a star. Window closing!

After the Spurs game in Cleveland, I listened to the chatter on WOAI and noted how vicious Spurs fans are. One lady suggested trading Manu after the '07 season after we had won the championship to maximize value, but we missed our window of opportunity.

I bet she wasn't thinking that when she waved her gigantic black foam fingers down Dolorosa chugging Coronas while my cousins rode 20 deep in the back of a 1992 Chevy Surburban. 

Another caller remarked how unfair it was for Manu to play for Argentina in the Olympics. Yea, call the man selfish for playing without pay to represent his country against the best on the world.

Even the host, Michael Taylor, had an edge to him that the Gillette Mach 3 would be envious of.

Remember the link I posted regarding Manu's injury. Check out the comments section. It has 'expert' opinions as well—if by expert you mean misinformed and ridiculous.

I'm sick of you alleged Spurs fan.

Every year you complain of the injury bug. As soon as one of the Big Three gets injured, it's lights out for you. Heaven forbid Eva gives Tony Parker a love bite or you'd be there to say that it's affecting his assist to turnover ratio. 

Every year, since 1997, before Tim was even in the NBA, you've complained about the Spurs average age. We need to get younger right, because, I mean, Bruce Bowen is what, 86 now? When are we going to get off that horse? Hey my son is 8, lets draft him now before his knees start creaking by the age of 18.

Every year, you offer these unfathomable trades, as if you could general manage the Spurs to 4 championships. Duncan and Parker for Kobe!? Manu and half the team for Tracy McGrady!? RC Buford and a bag of Rico's Nachos for Stephon Marbury and cash considerations!?

See, the Spurs are a 50+ win team. The Spurs still have Tony and Timmy. Manu being out means the rotation can get back to what it was, hopefully spurring Bruce and Roger to shoot lights out as they did before. In desperate times, maybe a sense of urgency is needed to get our Spurs into playoff mode.

I'm not asking for full Homerism either. The Spurs chances are slimmer without Manu. The Spurs have had a tough year and nagging knee problems for Tim Duncan pose a problem. I know that the Lakers are primed for a championship run. I know that the Western Conference has never been this tight from positions seeds 2-8 

But let me get back to my point.

Do you know what a fan is?

A fan is someone who roots for the team, no matter how desperate the team's situation is. Has the Raider Nation had anything to cheer about recently? How in the world does Kansas City stand behind the Royals? Hell, anyone who watches NHL is a fan, even if they are just channel surfing.

I remember as a youngster struggling through the pre David Robinson years. Just seeing Alvin Robertson steal the ball or Willie Anderson nail a jumper was pretty good for me. It's still the same for me. Quasi Spurs fan didn't suffer doldrums as the Spurs struck a home run and nabbed Tim Duncan with the top pick in the 1997 NBA Draft.

I'm tired of you semi-Spurs fan. 

I know you'll jump on the bandwagon when the Spurs make a 12-2 run on the lowly Mavs. I know you'll be there when Roger Mason drains another 3 in the heart of the Phoenix Suns.  I know you'll bang those dumb cheer sticks they give out at the AT&T Center when Tim makes a bank shot against the Lake Show.

I see through your silver face painted look though. I know there's no thought going on beneath that 2007 Championship Hat you wear. I can stare past the stitched No. 50 jersey you proudly wear and know that underneath that jersey:

You have no heart. 

You have no faith.

You're not a fan.  

I'll see you in round two. 



A Real Spurs Fan


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