CM Punk vs. the Rock: Why Match's New Stipulation Doesn't Favor People's Champ

Pete SchauerCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2013

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As if a match against CM Punk wasn't tough enough, The Rock will have another obstacle to climb when he defends his title in the Elimination Chamber on pay-per-view Sunday night.

According to, a stipulation has been added to the match that states if The Rock is counted out or disqualified, he loses the match.

This certainly brings more drama and excitement to Sunday night's title match, but more importantly, it makes it more difficult for The Rock to stay on top of the WWE realm.

Is the WWE planning a title change in the Elimination Chamber?

Paul Heyman had to sell his soul for Vince McMahon to agree to the stipulation, which has to make fans wonder what McMahon will require of Heyman to pull this stunt off.

This makes it extremely tough for the Rock to come out on top this weekend, as McMahon has certainly turned this match against the People's Champ.

The stipulation obviously doesn't favor The Rock, but what exactly is the WWE trying to do here?

It seems kind of silly to strip Punk of his 434-day title run at the Royal Rumble only to hand it right back to him a few weeks later.

Nonetheless, the Rock is arguably the greatest champion to ever step foot in a wrestling ring and still has a great chance to overcome the odds in the Elimination Chamber.

A win for the Rock would only bolster his resume as the greatest WWE champion ever, and with WrestleMania 29 coming, the WWE will likely be looking for the People's Champion to head the event.

With his back against the wall, look for The Rock to take care of business on Sunday night.


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