The Giants' PSL Waiting List Gets All the Way to My Four-Year-Old Son!

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IApril 7, 2009

Wow. The Giants won the Super Bowl in 2008. I put my four-year-old son on the waiting list.

Today, after a long wait of 14 months, he has made it to the top of the list. This is your big chance, son.

Dear Prospective Giants Season Ticket Holder:

As a valued member of the New York Giants Season Ticket wait-list, you are now eligible to purchase Personal Seat Licenses (PSLs) for the new stadium and become a New York Giants Season Ticket Holder beginning in 2010.

The demand to become a seat owner in the new stadium from current season ticket holders and wait-list members ahead of you has been tremendous. As a result, a limited number of PSLs remain available in just three zones; the Coach’s Club, Mezzanine Club A and Mezzanine Club B.

The pricing, purchasing timetable, benefits and amenities associated with these zones are fully described on our web-site In order to access the information on our website, please select the button on the website which indicates you are on the wait-list.

We believe the club seat experience at the new stadium will be among the best in all of sports. The Coach’s Club will be an all inclusive food and beverage experience while all of our clubs’ seating sections offer wider and more comfortable seats. Great food and beverage selections, spectacular views, premium parking, and many other amenities make this an opportunity of a lifetime.

Hmmm.  Seems intriguing.   The Daily News tells me...

The Coach’s Club (which correspond to Sections 110-112 of the current Giants Stadium) carries a PSL price of $20,000 and a game ticket price of $700. Mezzanine Club A (201-213, 229-233 … or second level on the sideline between the goal lines) carries a PSL price of $12,500 and a game ticket price of $500. Mezzanine Club B (206-208, 214-216,226-228, 234-236 … or second level from the goal lines to the corners) carries a PSL price of $7,500 and a game ticket price of $400.

Since he is four I will have to take him. So that's $40,000 in PSL's plus another $14,000 in tickets.

I wonder if my boy has an extra $54,000?

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