Philadelphia 76ers Stock Watch: Risers and Fallers Heading into All-Star Break

Jeff Glauser@Jeff_GlauserContributor IIFebruary 14, 2013

Philadelphia 76ers Stock Watch: Risers and Fallers Heading into All-Star Break

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    Thinking of investing in the stock market? Have you considered the NBA commodity? Of course you have!

    Just like the national economy, there are several bad propositions when it comes to getting a return on an investment in Philly. Three of the Philadelphia 76ers' four biggest "stocks" are currently spending their earnings in street clothes on the bench.

    However, there is some good to the goods and services featured on the Sixers' roster heading into the All-Star break. Just like the economy, success and failure really depend on the ebb and flow of momentum.

    Back in Philadelphia, the team can use all the momentum it can get before renewing its quest for the playoffs in the second half of the season.

    So bang the "next slide" link and see whose stock is rising and whose is falling in value based on just that: Momentum.

Lavoy Allen

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    Apparently, Lavoy Allen has taken a course in the Evan Turner School of Frustration.

    Two days after shattering his career mark by snagging 22 rebounds to go with 14 points, Allen followed it up with a whopping 4 points and 2 rebounds.

    Even so, over the past five contests, he has averaged nearly 9 rebounds and 9 points in just over 32 minutes, all significantly above his season and career average. With Thaddeus Young still at least a couple weeks away from returning, Allen's time on the court should remain steady and plentiful.

    Stock Watch: Rising.

Kwame Brown

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    In case you didn't already know, I have averaged only a minute per game less than Kwame Brown in the past six. In fact, the last time he was in a game the Sixers won was New Year's Day against the Los Angeles Lakers.

    The last time his stock trended upward? Both he and George W. Bush were still living in Washington — and each still had a favorable approval rating!

    Yet even though the Sixers have had a season-long size issue and earlier this week, the Los Angeles Clippers beat them up and took their lunch money. Brown is large enough to crap someone of my size out after a large meal, but he still can't find his way onto the court.

    Stock Watch: Falling? Fallen? Fell off the face of the earth? It's awfully low.

Andrew Bynum

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    I guess this is what would be called a "speculative" stock. After the latest setback, people are beginning to speculate that the Sixers got fleeced when they traded for Andrew Bynum last summer.

    The salt on the wound here is that word of Bynum's most recent struggles to finally return to the court have rendered him virtually untradeable, meaning Philly will have to keep its collective fingers crossed that somehow this horror story ultimately has a happy ending.

    Stock Watch: Falling—and shakier than Bynum's left knee.

Spencer Hawes

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    Spencer Hawes has been on a bit of a revival tour lately. Although his shot selection is still a bit questionable (dude needs a tall person's intervention), he seems to be taking advantage of a reinsertion into the starting lineup, along with extra minutes on the floor.

    After just two double-digit rebounding performances in his first 21 games (and one of those in the opener), Hawes has achieved that feat four times in the last six games heading into Wednesday night's matchup against the Milwaukee Bucks.

    He also stands to gain the most from Bynum's return, allowing him clear looks at the hoop and, as a result, perhaps less questionable shooting decisions.  

    Stock Watch: Rising up like an ill-advised jump shot.

Jrue Holiday

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    Yes, Jrue Holiday has been a bit off lately, but most teams would still gladly take over 16 points and 8 assists in a five-game span as a "slump."

    Much as been said about Holiday's impressive leap to "elite" status this season. The exciting part is in the strong possibility has not even reached his ceiling yet: There is no reason Holiday doesn't have the potential to average a double-double with a healthy roster.

    This is one appreciating stock to hold onto and appreciate.

    Stock Watch: Rising like a staran All-Star.

Royal Ivey

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    With Jason Richardson officially out for the season (if not longer), it seems like a good opportunity for Royal Ivey to step up and log some additional minutes at guard.

    That seemed to be the case for a while, as he had a two-week stretch where he was on the court no less than 15 minutes in each outing.

    However, the best single-game results in that span were 8 points and 3 assists. Those two marks occurred in separate outings. With the recent addition of Jeremy Pargo, Ivey's most common box score should typically revert back to DNP.

    Stock Watch: Falling—off the bench.

Arnett Moultrie

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    The person who has benefited the most from Thad Young's injury, aside from the team's trainer, has been Arnett Moultrie.

    Even coach Doug Collins, who has traditionally had an apparent allergy to giving rookies extended playing time, must like what he's seen lately from Moultrie, who has logged more total minutes in his first four games post-Thad than he had the entire season.

    In those games, he's averaged a respectable 6.8 points and 4.5 rebounds per game, while making his shots at a far-more-than-respectable 65-percent clip.

    It's this type of production which may force Collins to take his Zyrtec and keep Moultrie on the court even when Thad returns.

    Stock Watch: Rising to relevance.

Jeremy Pargo

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    What a crazy season this has been for Jeremy Pargo!

    Less than three months ago, he torched Sixers for 28 points while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers filling in for Kyrie Irving. Since then, he had an 11-game stretch where he averaged 14.5 points, 4.4 assists and nearly a steal per game.

    Just two months later, he was unemployed. 

    Now he's with the team he first had his way with and, three games in, has a ton of people scratching their heads wondering how a team like the Cavs couldn't figure out a way to keep him on the roster.

    Stock Watch: Rising—from the ashes!

Jason Richardson

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    So, for those keeping score, the loss of Jason Richardson for the season means the Sixers currently have nothing to show for trading away Andre Iguodala, Nik Vucevic and Moe Harkless.

    Good times.

    Although officially the "other" player the Sixers received in the Andrew Bynum deal, the veteran shooting guard was valued enough to be instantly penciled in as a starter and has been a respected teammate at each of his stops. In fact, just two years ago, he was putting up over 19 points per game for the Phoenix Suns.

    But, in his time wearing red, white and blue, J-Rich never seemed quite right and now his career might be quite over, which is leaving everyone feeling blue.

    Stock Watch: Falling—and he can't get up!

Evan Turner

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    He's vastly talented. He's also vastly frustrating. He can take over a game one night and spoil one the next. He's the best of times. He's the worst of times.

    Ladies and gentlemen: I give you Evan Turner.

    Looking big picture and strictly at the stats, there is no doubt ET's stock trends upward. But looking at it from a more micro level, it's a roller coaster ride. Now, in his third season, the consensus seems to be that Turner's biggest challenge remains himself.

    The strength—and perhaps what buys some extra patience with Collins—is that when he struggles in one or more facets of his game, he typically excels in at least another.

    Stock Watch: Falling. No, rising. No, wait—falling! Aaah, who the hell knows!

Damien Wilkins

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    In his sixth city in as many years, the well-traveled Damien Wilkins has been relocated mostly to the end of the bench during his time in Philadelphia.

    Given a chance for extended minutes shortly after Jason Richardson went down, Wilkins did not rise to the occasion. Consequently, his value has also not risen—at all.

    Stock Watch: Falling...and failing.

Dorell Wright

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    It's been a disappointing season for Dorell Wright.

    Just two years removed from notching a career-high 16.4 points , 5.3 rebounds and 3 assists per game for the Golden State Warriors, Wright has seen his numbers dip significantly in his first season in Philly.

    With both Jason Richardson and Thaddeus Young not playing, it was the perfect opportunity for Wright to step up and out of his funk. Instead, he has seen his minutes fluctuate drastically, while Doug Collins tries to figure out how to make the most of them.

    However, until his jump shot starts going down, his stock won't be going up.

    Stock Watch: Falling—unlike his shot.

Nick Young

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    Coming to an arena near you: How Swaggy Got His Groove Back.

    After getting off to a slow start to his Sixers' tenure and spending a short stint in Doug Collins' doghouse, Nick Young has recently begun to start heating up. A notorious streak-shooter, the man they call Swaggy P is finally seeing the pendulum swing in the other direction, much of it in conjunction with a new starting role and consistent minutes to go along with it.

    As Young's confidence rises, his shot will continue to fall as quickly as his stock rises.

    Stock Watch: Rising—like his hair!

Thaddeus Young

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    Things were going so well for Thaddeus Young until his hamstring decided to crap out.

    Arguably having his best all-around season for the Sixers, the sixth-year Young had been an invaluable source of energy while often playing out of his natural position of small forward, serving as an undersized power forward—and sometimes even as a ridiculously undersized center!

    At this point, the hope is that, come March (if not sooner), Thad will pick up where he left off.

    Stock Watch: Will rise again soon!