The Fiasco That Is Scottish Football

RangersMedia .co.ukCorrespondent IApril 8, 2009

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - MARCH 28: Barry Ferguson of Scotland is seen before the FIFA 2010 World Cup qualifying match between Netherlands and Scotland at the Arena on March 28, 2009 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  (Photo by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images)

Sitting back and reading the news about the dynamic duo got me thinking about the big picture.

As far as what Cheech and Chong got up to, its no worse than anything I've ever done when away at business meetings; stayed up too late, wasn't at my best in the morning etc.

The stupidity of the V sign was worse than the bevvy, but I still can't make up my mind where I stand with this whole situation.

Yes they let everyone down, but in the big picture of things what happens with the rest of the bevvy boys? You simply cannot punish individuals, they must be collectively punished.

The SFA have made an absolute arse of this. Should the life ban be carried out for what they have done then the can of worms will well and truly be opened.

If in the future any professional player brings the game in to disrepute by, say, drink driving, getting involved in a fight in the city centre, etc. (which in my eyes is way worse than what those two have done), then they should be handing out life bans.

They are, after all, bringing the game into disrepute.

The muppets that have carried out this remarkable debacle at the SFA should stand down and let someone who know how to run a business take over.

Burley has no idea how to carry himself and has lost the plot. He should have had the balls to drop all of them, not just the two, or asked for a pubilc apology and let them get on with it.

Gordon Smith will perhaps look back at this and hopefully learn that he has to follow protocol before he makes any announcements to the press.

George Peat, who is he? What he has done is worse than the rest put together. Every player and employee of the SFA is now under intense scrutiny and one foot wrong will mean the sack.

He for one always drops the ball so we should maybe scrutinize this man's actions in the coming months and then ask that he step down when he messes up. After all, he has set the standards.

The other players should publicly own up to what went on and then we can maybe have some idea of the truth as opposed to what the rags want us to believe. After all, they are just as guilty.

Rangers have emerged with a little more dignity than the rest but that doesn't mean that they walk away lily white.

The fact that our players think that it is okay to act the way they did leaves a lot of unanswered questions about the way our club is run.

Smith must also look at the situation regarding Ferguson and the way he carries himself. He has been allowed to run wild without challenge. The way Ferguson has been handled, by being played every week without question of his ability, is shocking.

Sir David Murray may ask Smith what the hell is going on, because with all the money he gave Smith to spend, he has still stuck with captain fannytastic to the decline of the football we have played.

What must the youngsters think? Already this season we have had the troubles with Boyd, and now this.

We really are a laughing stock at the moment and should use this situation to rid the club of this underlying attitude problem.

The fans have the right to demonstrate and the players must take the flak when they don't deliver. They can't just stick up two fingers and get away with it.

One thing still gets me; I can't decide whether the outcome is fair.

Given that players involved in the session are going unpunished, if they are to be punished it must be in the very public domain in which their teammates have been derided, and they too should face the same punishment.