Public Enemy No. 1—Espn's Pat Forde At It Again

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.comAnalyst IApril 8, 2009

In his most recent story on, Pat Forde writes about UNC's easy victory over Michigan State for the 2009 Mens' NCAA Basketball Championship.

In it, he invokes an analogy, comparing MSU's performance against UNC to Ohio State's recent BCS failures on the gridiron.

How (and more importantly why) is it that this clown always finds a way to take cheap shots at the Ohio State Buckeyes, even when they have absolutely nothing to do with the event he is writing about?

Here's the excerpt:

It was the perfect night for the Tar Heels, whose defensive deficiencies wound up being the most overrated story line of the season. They won another title—the program's fifth—while simultaneously leaving hated Duke in the record books for biggest margin of championship-game defeat at 30.

For a while, that record appeared to be in serious jeopardy as the Spartans performed like Ohio State in a BCS National Championship Game. This could have been a 40-point bomb if Michigan State had submitted and North Carolina had kept the hammer down.

Enough is Enough Forde!

We get it Pat.

You wanted to come to OSU (much like your evil brother from another mother, Mark May) but we didn't want you (or him), so you settled for Missouri and he settled for Pitt.

You both will now forever be biased ESPN talking heads that take cheap shots at Ohio State as long as you have a forum to be heard.

I, for one, hope you and May both quietly and conveniently go away—and soon, a-la get fired, a-la Trev Alberts.

I have a strong feeling that you're going to really hate OSU over the next two to three years Pat, when they win the title, Pryor wins the Heisman, and you have to shut your pie hole!

In the meantime, here's some free advice for you Mr. Forde:

Don't poke a sleeping lion with a stick.

Whoops, too late.