The Spoiler Alert That Will Always Come from a Commentator

Blue ChipCorrespondent IApril 8, 2009

We all love to hear those familiar voices, who are experts in these fields. The voice of Jim Ross, when teamed with Jerry "the King" Lawler, a veritable word symphony is the piece of constant love of the sport. Triple H once said that "Good Old" J.R. has enthusiasm in his voice, second to none.

The phrases, that are so stock, "Stone Cold!, Stone Cold!" He's stompin' a mud hole in him and walkin' it dry!" The favorite, phrase that is a J.R. staple, the most synonymous with wrestling jargon: "Swanton!" 

Jerry Lawler has a stream of hilarious jokes that never seem, to get old. They are corny, but always make me laugh. Michael Cole, even has' "That's Vintage"...(insert name of veteran here).

Over the years though, I have noticed a consistent pattern. I somehow see the spoiler alerts though, in each commentary, for each match. 

The formula seems to be what outcome they do not seem to say. I guess the best, and latest example was  the match between the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels atWrestleMania 25. 

Leading up to the big match, we were listening to the pattern beginning. An Unvarying lines of Shawn Michaels winning the match. Shawn talked about how he was going to "strike down the Undertaker."

Shawn preached his gospel, he mach the Undertaker. In a promotion, the tombstone read "16-1."  We saw Shawn taunting the Undertaker without any doubt of the undertaker keeping his streak.

J.R. never mentioned a possibility of a 17-0 result. A concern for the Undertaker was expressed, but never Shawn "Playing with matches." We heard "Shawn is getting in his head!" There was a line of inevitability when we heard, "No man has ever done this before." 

When we hear about how one man seems to have an advantage, a better chance, that man is usually the loser. 

The ultimate of indicators is in the match itself. When in a championship match this seems to be the mark of where the belt would go.

A man pins another we hear, "Could we have a new champion?!" The shout of, "this will be (insert name here) last chance at the title, if he picks up the win.

There is the call or stipulation that a championship will change hands if... For example, in a triple threat match, (inert name) does not even have to get pinned to lose his title.

The match at Backlash has a stipulation where any man can pick up the win on another to gain the belt. We know where this is going now. 

In the end, I still love the sport. I am still surprised by the outcome plenty of times. I will always love the sound and stock voices of these great commentators.