The Bengal Thing Ponders Andre Smith

The Bengal ThingContributor IMarch 23, 2017

I don't normally get into mock drafts or looking too deep into what the Bengals need.  I typically don't spend too much time pondering the "path" I think the Bengal will take.

However, I have not really had a story like Andre Smith come across my PC.

In mid February, Andre Smith was projected as a potential No. 1 pick overall, and with this glowing review from "The Godfather" Gil Brandt:

"Only seven players in Alabama history have started a season opener as a true freshman; Smith started 13 games at left tackle as a true freshman…this is a very good football player who performs much better then his speed and bench press numbers suggest…Has very long arms (35 3/8'')…Will be a Pro Bowl player if he stays in shape."

Andre Smith is intriguing, but you do have to wonder about a guy that comes THAT unprepared to what comes down to some of the BIGGEST job interviews he will EVER have.  his stock has taken a hit, but is it enough of a hit to keep the Bengals from pulling the trigger.  I feel that the Bengals will pull the trigger on Andre and will be very glad they did. 

The Bengals are slowly but surely picking at the various holes that they desperately needed to fill.  Thus making the draft an open market.  They could take a player at any of the following positions with there first-round pick (OT, WR, RB, LB...etc). 

In my opinion they go for the biggest current need and go with Andre Smith (OT) that just so happens to be the best "value" pick at that spot as well.  It is a win-win situation for the Bengals, but they will get some more critism for drafting Andre because of his "interesting" decisions at the combine and pro day.