Amazing Teen Has No Use of Her Arms, Competes on High School Bowling Team

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 12, 2013

Photo Credit: Courier Journal
Photo Credit: Courier Journal

Whitney Foster is wonderful. 

I am sure there are other words far more appropriate and descriptions that would do her story justice, but I am at a loss. 

Adam Himmelsbach of the Courier Journal (h/t Yahoo! Sports) reports the Kentucky teenager was born without the use of her arms.

In fact, she wasn't even supposed to live past birth. 

Yet, she is one of the more vibrant pieces of Louisville, Kentucky's Manual High School bowling team, inspiring her teammates and anyone who comes across her remarkable story. 

Foster, a young lady who bowled a score of 203 earlier in the season, has arthrogryposis, "a rare congenital disorder characterized by abnormally developed muscles and tendons."

As her father recounts in the video below, doctors were not the least bit hopeful Foster would make it through delivery. If she did, the doctor was certain the little girl would have severe issues, going so far as to describe her outlook as a possible "vegetable."

Deborah and Nathan Foster remember the look of concern on their doctor’s face when he scanned the 17-week ultrasound of their first child. He said their baby might be missing limbs and might never walk.

While the senior is without the use of her arms, she is making due with the extraordinary circumstances the best way she can. 

When the family went on trips to the bowling alley when she was younger, she would use the ramp to help her bowling ball reach the pins. 

One day, she gave that all up. Stating, "So one day I just decided to put it on my arm and throw it down the lane. It was so hard. I threw so many gutter balls."

And that's what she does now, placing a 12-pound ball in her emaciated arm, tossing it down the lane with remarkable accuracy, but there aren't nearly as many gutter balls. 

While her teammates find immense inspiration in their fellow bowler, opponents from other schools have met her with the odd looks and immature stares you might expect. 

As Himmelsbach writes, "Foster greets everyone with the confidence and enthusiasm of someone well beyond her years." 

Not only is she finding her niche as a bowler, a respite of normal from her otherwise trying affliction, she is pushing others to look far beyond her arthrogryposis. 

She is merely a young woman who loves to bowl and is quite good at it.

That simple fact is just wonderful. 

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