Vancouver Canucks: Two Possible Scenarios

Eric MacLachlanCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2008

For the Canucks future it may be better if they miss the Playoffs. And I say this as a Canucks fan. Lets look at the 2 differing futures:

 The Canucks manage to barely sneak into the playoffs and will most likely see Detroit, but maybe San Jose. It will be a hard-fought grind it out series, probably 6 or 7 games, maybe they win maybe they don't. It they win they go to the second round and are totally beaten-up and exausted from the first round that they get destroyed by whoever they play. In other words exactly like last year. After the Year Nonis, looks at the team, brings in 3 different 4th liners, resigns Naslund and Morrison because this team is capable of winning, and we see the same old team next year.

 Canucks continue to suck, and miss the playoffs. Nonis thinks about the team and realizes a couple things that are not that hard to figure out. 1. Naslund is not, nor will he ever be a real captain. The Naslund era needs to end this year. Let him go. Do not make an offer, let someone else overpay for Naslund as sadly, he will be a sought after free agent as the depth pool lacks depth. 2. You will never ever win a championship with the Sedin Sisters as your top line. They are soft, they disappear for 10 or 15 games at a time and are not reliable when the going gets tough. The Canucks have too many Swedes right now. I like some swedish players, but the guys in Vancouver: Daniel, Henrik, Naslund, Ohlund, Salo, are all the same, they all show very little emotion, no matter what happens. I can just imagine Naslund skating around the rink holding the Stanley Cup over his head, with that blank expression on his face. The Sedin's are a #2 line at best. I would like Nonis to test the waters and possibly move them out of town as well. Depending on what happens with Sundin, as a free agent, Nonis would be wise to make a legitimate run at Sundin and a David Legwand type guy and revamps this team. because Nonis realizes that the team here is not capable of doing anything besides a 2nd round exit in the playoffs, and that is in a great year. 

 Talkiing about Nonis, I would not be upset to see him leave Vancouver with Naslund. He was handed an absolute gift by Mike Keenan in the Luongo deal and has done Jack-all since. O sorry, we got Matt Pettinger at the Deadline. I have no problem this year because I do not believe Mike Richards would make a difference here, but time after time Nonis missed the boat.


Overall, this Canucks team needs to miss the playoffs, and hopefully the Front Office will give its head a shake and realize, we do not want another year of Naslund as Captain, and the Sedins as our top line. By the way, the Next guy who should be the Canucks Captain already wears their uniform and is arguably the hardest worker in the league. #8 Willie Mitchell