WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: Matches That Must Be Added to Upcoming PPV

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistFebruary 12, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

With five matches currently in place for Sunday's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, the card is nearly complete. There is still room for two more matches on the main card as well as one on the pre-show, though, so this certainly has the potential to be one of the WWE's best events in recent memory. That, of course, is contingent upon the creative team molding a strong undercard.

Due to main-event matches like The Rock vs. CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show, a No. 1 contender's chamber match and The Shield vs. John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus, there isn't a ton of focus on the rest of the card at the moment. There is plenty of other talent on the roster that should be utilized, however, and the undercard will offer the WWE a great opportunity.

A Divas Championship match between Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka was also announced unceremoniously on WWE Active, leaving room for only a few more bouts. The United States and Intercontinental Championships haven't yet been accounted for, so they figure to come into play. There are plenty of other superstars to choose from as well, so hopefully the WWE isn't yet done preparing for Elimination Chamber.

Here are the top three matches that the WWE would be wise to add to the Elimination Chamber card in the coming days.



Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz

Although their rivalry seems to have peaks and valleys in terms of importance, Antonio Cesaro and The Miz have been heating up as of late. Cesaro defeated The Miz on the Royal Rumble pre-show to retain the United States Championship, but their feud has continued since then. Miz and Cesaro brawled backstage on SmackDown last week and Cesaro involved himself in The Miz's match against Cody Rhodes on Raw.

I have no doubt that the WWE can do a better job building mid-card feuds, but Cesaro is a rising star and The Miz has been a main-eventer in the past, so I have enjoyed their rivalry regardless. Cesaro hasn't really been in danger of relinquishing his title since beating Santino Marella for it on the SummerSlam pre-show, but The Miz is unquestionably his greatest rival. The Miz may have fallen short in his first attempt to win the same title that helped lead him to prominence; however, it seems like a matter of time before he regains it.

The fact that The Miz stars in the WWE's newest Marine film is a clue that the WWE intends to push him as a top face with a pro-American dimension. If that is the case, then it would obviously make sense to put the U.S. title around his waist. I'm a huge fan of Cesaro and believe that he is a future world champion, but he doesn't necessarily need the United States Championship anymore. The Miz's face turn hasn't gone as smoothly as hoped, so perhaps winning the belt can serve as a catalyst to kick start things for The Awesome One.



Wade Barrett vs. Bo Dallas

Since a lot of things tend to be formulaic in the WWE and professional wrestling in general, I like to give credit when something different is attempted. That is precisely what the WWE is doing when it comes to the Intercontinental Championship scene. When Bo Dallas earned a spot in the Royal Rumble match by winning an NXT tournament, a lot of fans weren't sure how to react. Dallas performed really well, though, as he lasted more than 20 minutes and even eliminated Wade Barrett. That elimination has led to a sustained feud between them.

Dallas followed up his Rumble showing with a win over Barrett the next night on Raw and they have proceeded to mix it up in the backstage area on a couple of occasions. I'm willing to give Dallas a chance since we haven't seen much of him, but I'm already starting to sour when it comes to his potential. I haven't seen enough of him to form a strong opinion about his in-ring work, but his promo work thus far has been less than inspiring. That may get better with time, but he isn't realistically anywhere near Barrett in terms of overall talent.

With that said, this isn't a bad holdover feud until the WWE establishes a more suitable challenger for Barrett. This is an interesting situation because Barrett doesn't necessarily need the Intercontinental Championship, but putting the belt on Dallas so soon doesn't seem like the best idea. Halting Dallas' momentum wouldn't be ideal; however, Barrett is the better all-around talent. Barrett hasn't been used well lately as he constantly loses to Randy Orton on WWE programming, but hopefully a title defense helps him right the ship.



Prime Time Players vs. Brodus Clay & Tensai

While the United States and Intercontinental Championship matches would do a nice job of completing Elimination Chamber's main card, there is still a need for a pre-show match. I have enjoyed the addition of a pre-show match on WWE.com since WrestleMania XXVIII as it often features some solid matches and superstars who might not otherwise make the pay-per-view. With Team Rhodes Scholars broken up and Team Hell No on the verge of doing the same in the near future, the WWE needs to start featuring other tag teams.

My guess is that Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara are the Tag Team Champions in waiting, but they are currently part of an injury angle as they were attacked by Mark Henry on Raw, so they aren't likely to appear at Elimination Chamber. There are a few other quality teams that could use some publicity, though, including The Prime Time Players. Titus O'Neil and Darren Young seemed like surefire future Tag Team Champions, but they haven't appeared lately and lost a lot of steam. Putting them on the pre-show will remind fans how entertaining they can be.

I'd love to see them take on the new team of Brodus Clay and Tensai. It appears as though Clay and Tensai have officially formed a partnership stemming from Tensai wearing lingerie and dancing around with Brodus a couple weeks ago. I realize that a lot of cynical fans dislike this team since it's based in comedy, but both Clay and Tensai are talented and they can be a factor in the tag division. The Prime Time Players made fun of Tensai recently on Main Event, so perhaps Tensai and Clay can get revenge prior to Elimination Chamber.


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