Ransom! Nady! Bruney? Are These The Yankees?

Lucky Lloyd JohnsonContributor IApril 8, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 04:  A general view from field level prior to the game between the New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs during their game on April 4, 2009 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

I'm sorry, but I gotta say it. I've been down this same road too many times in recent years.

It started off in the first inning, this new guy C.C.Sabathia can't throw strikes. After all that money, all that preseason hype, and that super Spring Training work, the guy hits the big stage and just plain sucks.

Not only was he terrible, but he showed that other Yankees trait of late, a lack of enthusiasm.

Where does that lack of enthusiasm come from?

I would think it starts with the manager, and believe me, that is no Joe Torre in that seat. Lets face facts, if you want a buddy, a pal, a good friend, Joe Girardi is probably that person.

If you think as I do that the Yanks need a leader, you better start looking right now. Lets not go through another season with that buddy system in place in the Bronx.

Lets take a quick glance around the infield in the opening game. First thing I noticed was this advertised great fielding first baseman, Teixeira, on the wrong foot while almost fumbling a double play relay in the fourth inning.

Sorry, those are basics, we learned them in the sixth grade. Wonder if anyone mentioned that to Tex when he returned to the dugout?

Better yet, I wonder if any of those coaches even noticed it?

Cano was a delight on the evening. Did you notice he wasn't chasing that first pitch every time up.

That was a major improvement, I called him "First Pitch Robby" last year. Now if we can instill some enthusiasm in the guy, we got us a player.

Derek was everything we have come to expect. Held his own at the plate, made it interesting.

Sure he has lost a step at Shortstop, but believe me, on this mediocre defensive club, he is not the worst.

Total confusion sets in at third base. Is there a new rule that we have to start one amateur player in every game?

A guy that can't hit, can't field, but shows up for the game? You want a big problem?

This guy is just that. Can you say Scranton-Wilkes Barre? It cannot happen soon enough.

In the outfield, Johnny tried. I get the feeling we'll be saying that all year. Defensively, man, he has slipped. Lets not even talk about his arm.

Over in Right Field, we got that guy Nady. Still can't figure that move out? But I suppose he is better than Swisher.

I can't see this guy ever repeating last seasons average, and as a fielder, he appears below average. With a spray gun for an arm. Does anyone remember Abreu's arm?

This fellow Gardner was a breath of fresh air out in center field. Great range, decent arm, and very fast.

He is a work in progress at the plate, but I can't help thinking he may be the surprise of the year in the new Stadium. Matsui was another plus as the D.H.

Jorge hit the long ball, brought back some great memories. During the process, no less than six, or was it seven, pitches got past him?

That is surely not the Jorge we have enjoyed over all these years. Lets hope that is not a preview of things to come from this long time great Yankee.

Looking at the pitching staff, I can't help thinking we actually don't have any pitchers, we have throwers.  The more they throw, rather than pitch, their coach stands over there and does nothing?

We have seen this act too many years now, there is no maybe, it is time to get a pitching coach in the Bronx.

The first lesson these pitchers need to learn is that this is a team game. They don't have to strike out every opposing batter.

Sure they realize that those guys behind them, some of them, Nady, Damon, Ransom, might not catch the ball, but that should not be their problem. That is up to management. Wow, that could be a bigger problem.

Meanwhile, Bruney can continue to overthrow at 97-miles an hour, Coke can try to match that speed limit, Ramirez can eventually throw out his arm while never being taught how to pitch.

I guess we are stuck with watching Girardi's poor decisions for while. Maybe someone will tell him that we are the Yankees.

We don't give away an out in the eighth inning while only a run down. The Yankees swing away Joe. Its called Yankee Ball.

The experts say, " It is only one game. It's a long season. It's a marathon, not a sprint."  We try to listen, but it is the same problems, the same mistakes, and sadly, that same lack of enthusiasm, all over again.

Through it all, did anyone see Tony Pena over there in the dugout? Do you want some excitement. Some fun put back into the Stadium?

The answer may well be right under their noses. A baseball man, that knows and loves the game, and doesn't have the need to be everyone's buddy.

Sure, it's just one game, but what an embarrassment.


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