WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: 7 Twists & Turns the 6-Man Tag Match Could Take

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WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: 7 Twists & Turns the 6-Man Tag Match Could Take

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    At WWE Elimination Chamber 2013, The Shield will have its toughest challenge to date when it faces off against three top babyfaces in WWE.

    John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus look to end the injustice of The Shield in a six-man tag team match on Sunday.

    Although it is not the main event between The Rock and CM Punk, this match should still provide a number of twists and turns.

    Will we witness a heel turn? Will Brad Maddox play a part in the match?

    Let’s take a look at seven twists and turns that may occur during the six-man tag team match at Elimination Chamber on Sunday.

Sheamus Turns Heel

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    Sheamus has been a babyface for nearly a year now, but it hasn’t worked out as well as WWE would have hoped.

    Sheamus seems to be heading in the direction of being the next John Cena due to his goofy character, a lack of losing cleanly and overall character.

    However, the crowd does not appear to be behind Sheamus like they are with Cena. John Cena always garners a huge reaction, be it positive or negative, from the WWE Universe.

    Sheamus wishes the same could be said for him.

    Perhaps a heel turn is in store for Sheamus. He could reveal himself as the leader of The Shield, but at this point, the group will most likely stay at three members.

    Sheamus may just look for a character change.

    The Miz and Alberto Del Rio just turned face. With Del Rio doing well, perhaps WWE will be more confident about changing Sheamus back to his heel character.

John Cena Is Behind The Shield

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    When one thinks about a potential NWO-style group in WWE, John Cena is the first person who should lead them.

    Just like Hulk Hogan did in 1996, Cena would be the top babyface turning heel. It wouldn’t be as surprising since Hogan did it before, but what if Cena were leading The Shield?

    It may not make the most sense since The Shield has already attacked Cena. However, when it comes to the upcoming match at Elimination Chamber, WWE is in a bit of a pickle.

    John Cena has been protected so far in 2013 and this will be The Shield’s second official match. Neither one can really afford to lose.

    Maybe the solution is to have John Cena help The Shield, allowing both to look strong.

Ambrose and Reigns Turn on Seth Rollins

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    If you were a fan of Seth Rollins in his independent days, you may have thought Rollins would be a babyface in WWE.

    He doesn’t seem as evil natured as Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Rollins’ future as a babyface could begin as early as Sunday at WWE Elimination Chamber 2013.

    The Shield storyline will not last forever and if WWE wants to turn Rollins face, they could have the opportunity.

    If Cena, Sheamus and Ryback win on Sunday, Rollins could be the one to get pinned. Ambrose and Reigns could blame Rollins and attack him.

    There is only so many times The Shield can attack top babyfaces in WWE before they begin to get stale and resemble Aces and Eights.

John Cena Gets Pinned

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    John Cena was the 2013 Royal Rumble match winner and is expected to meet The Rock once again at WrestleMania. Cena is also expected to defeat The Rock so the movie star can go back to his day job.

    Therefore, Cena is looking stronger than ever before. So being pinned at WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 would be quite the shocking turn of events.

    As I discussed earlier, WWE has a difficult decision ahead of it: WWE needs to find a way to make Cena and The Shield look strong.

    Can John Cena afford a bump on the Road to WrestleMania?

    Ryback has lost pay-per-view after pay-per-view dating back to Hell in a Cell against CM Punk. Sheamus also has not been winning nearly as much since losing the World Heavyweight title.

    John Cena may actually be able to afford the pin over Ryback or Sheamus.

A New Member of The Shield Is Revealed

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    The Shield is facing three of the top babyfaces in WWE and may not be able to get the job done on its own. Therefore, perhaps a new member of The Shield will be revealed.

    Some WWE fans may prefer to see The Shield stay at three members. The NWO got out of hand for a number of reasons, including adding too many members.

    With WWE in three-person group mode (3MB, Clay and the Funkadactyls, etc.), The Shield should probably stay at three members.

    Adding another member then would be another twist to the storyline. Brad Maddox, Paul Heyman and CM Punk were discussed as possible additions to the group, but it never materialized into anything.

    Could we see a new member added to The Shield on Sunday?

Brad Maddox Helps Cena, Sheamus, Ryback

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    Speaking of Brad Maddox, we last saw him getting attacked by The Shield. Could we see him assist John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback?

    Maddox was considered a heel since he helped CM Punk in his match against Ryback at Hell in a Cell. He continued his heelish character by wrestling babyfaces and assisting Vickie Guerrero at times.

    Now that Maddox has been attacked by The Shield, have we witnessed a face turn by the former referee?

    The face turn may not be complete until Maddox does something to prove it. Whether it is as a referee or a wrestler, Maddox could solidify becoming a fan favorite during the six-man tag team match.

Brad Maddox Helps The Shield

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    Then again, Brad Maddox could provide the ultimate twist by helping The Shield against Cena, Ryback and Sheamus.

    The most shocking moments are the ones you least expect. After The Shield attacked Maddox, it would be surprising to see them working together.

    It would be somewhat reminiscent of the Big Show getting fired by John Laurinaitis, only to side with the general manager days later. The actions of Big Show were not surprising, as his acting is quite terrible, but Maddox has had a tendency to surprise us before.

    Which way will Brad Maddox choose on Sunday? Will we even see Brad Maddox on Sunday?

    Please leave your thoughts, ideas and comments on the twists and turns of the six-man tag team match in the section below.


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