NBA Rumors: Andrea Bargnani Trade for Carlos Boozer Would Cripple Chicago Bulls

Dan Talintyre@@dantalintyreSenior Analyst IIFebruary 11, 2013

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Recent rumors of a potential trade by the Chicago Bulls that would see Carlos Boozer head to the Toronto Raptors in exchange for Andre Bargnani are "interesting," to say the least. At least, that's what Boozer himself thought about it all, when asked about the rumored trade before his match against the Denver Nuggets last week.

"Interesting—that’s part of the business this time of year,” Boozer said via Sun Times“I can’t worry about things that may or may not happen.”

As interesting as the speculation might be, it isn't good news for Boozer if the Bulls do in fact end up completing the rumored swap. And, as exciting as it might be to see your team's name featured in the trade talk, a move by the Bulls to get Bargnani would do nothing but cripple them offensively.

This really isn't a good deal for Chicago in the slightest.

In the short term, Bargnani does make the Bulls a better three-point shooting team—something that they rank dead last in the league in attempts for. 

He would also probably give Derrick Rose a better option on the pick-and-roll in the short term, but that's about where the good with Bargnani ends for Chicago.

And then his defense comes into question.

The former No. 1 overall pick simply isn't as strong on the defensive edge as Boozer can be, and he won't be as dynamic with Joakim Noah on the offensive side of things as Boozer is either.

If they really want to go out and spend $22 million, which they would have to do on Bargnani's contract, there's other ways to spend that type of money. Like on Boozer, for example.

The same thing goes for the three-point shooting. If the Bulls really want to start getting the deep ball going, selling off one of your most potentially explosive frontcourt guys for someone who's missed half of the season due to injury isn't the best way to go about it.

Boozer has finally come good in a sense for the Bulls this year, averaging 15.8 points and 9.3 rebounds per game after a sluggish start to the season. Thus to trade him away now would be virtually insane—regardless of how keen Toronto head coach Dwayne Casey might be about exploring new options at the moment.

He was almost an All-Star candidate this season and is the sole reason why the Bulls aren't flapping around at the bottom of the Eastern Conference with the absence of Derrick Rose. The same cannot be said about Bargnani's impact this year.

Once they get Rose back, Boozer and Noah will truly explode, and Chicago will have an advantage over many teams in the league because of it.

As Bleacher Report's Jonathan Wasserman puts it, "I'd have a hard time believing Tom Thibodeau would sign off on a deal involving one of his impact players for an injury-prone jump-shooter who doesn't D up".

Hopefully, for Chicago's sake, this deal doesn't go through.

It would truly cripple the Bulls, Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer if it did.


Will the Chicago Bulls end up making a deal for Andrea Bargnani?

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