Your Boxing Community's Pound for Pound List

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IApril 8, 2009

The idea of such pound for pound list was inspired by our hard-working community leader Bryan Trafford in like manner all credit goes to him

Pound for Pound list...

There's a lot of it. The Ring Magazine, the Sanctioning bodies even has their own list.

So why not make our own "Boxing Community's Ultimate Pound For Pound List"

Here at B/R everyone has his/her say. Nobody's opinion is better than the other.

If Julia Prado says Edwin Valero can beat Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez in a handicap match so be it. It's her opinion.

If King J said that Pitalua's hair rocks. I may think he's crazy or something but at least I respect his say.

If Stoker believes that Ricky Hatton will reign supreme come May 2. Well, he's wrong but I appreciate him for having the balls to bet the whole country of Canada.

Respect is the word and I respect the results of our poll (although I don't completely agree).

So after a stressful yet rewarding voting process. The votes had been counted and we have the results.

There are no frauds, no ballot switching, no plaster of paris, no vote buying whatsoever.

Just real boxing fans with real opinion.

So Ladies and Gentlemen without further ado, here is your boxing community's pound for pound list.

1. Manny Pacquiao, 105 PTS (48-3-2 36KO's)

The Best Asian fighter of all time. His sitting on his throne since last year and the boxing circles has yet to forget his legendary jump to welterweight to upset boxing's most priced possesion.

Next Fight: May 2 against IBO Super lightweight champion Ricky Hatton

Analysis: Probably looking for a showdown against defensive wizard Floyd Mayweather Jr.

2. Shane Mosley,  81 PTS (46-5 1NC 39 KOs)

Last January, Mosley coming from a confidence-boosting win against Ricardo Mayorga proved that he still has what it takes to reign supreme as he knocked out feared human brickwall Antonio Margarito.

Next Fight: TBA

Analysis: A rematch with Miguel Cotto is the biggest probability although Cotto is scheduled to fight this coming June. There are also rumors of a Possible Pacquiao-Mosley encounter late this year.

3. Juan Manuel Marquez, 77 PTS (50-4-1 37 KOs)

One of the game's best tacticians. Equipped with a stunning counter punch. The "Dinamita" had exploded in the lightweight division as he totally outclassed Joel Casamayor and Julio Diaz respectively.

Next Fight: TBA

Analysis: A third shot at Pacquiao is a must but Pacquiao seems to have other plans. Nevertheless a unification bout against Valero or a jump in Super lightweight is rewarding.

4. Bernard Hopkins, 60 PTS (49-5-1 32 KOs)

He had done what Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon failed to do. He found the Fountain of youth. Well, at least not in Florida. Just like the aging of wines, he seems to have the ability to potentially improve quality through the years.

Next Fight: TBA

Analysis: Not that much options but a rematch with old rival Roy Jones will bring us back to a boring memeory lane.

5. Vic Darchinyan, 50 PTS (32-1-1 26 KOs)

He's calling out Oscar De la Hoya. He even calls out Pacquiao. I say why not fight the "Nigerian Nightmare" he's big and well, big. A very orthodox fighter who isn't afraid of anybody. He talks fast but he makes sure that his fist do the talking inside the ring.

Next Fight: July 11 against IBF Bantamweight champion Joseph Agbeko.

Analysis: He has a chance of cementing his legacy. Right now he's a two-division world champion but in due time I think he'll be a four-division champion. Just my two cents.

6. Miguel Cotto, 46 PTS (33-1-0 27 KOs)

Cotto, The pride of Puerto Rico showed in his last fight that he is still the elite fighter that he used to be. After a dissapointing setback at the hands "Tijuana Tornado", Cotto bounced back by systematically dismantling Michael Jennings at the same time he re-establish himself as one of the best pound for pound fighters of this era.

Next Fight: June 13, A unification bout against IBF titleholder Joshua Clottey

Analysis: If he can go pass through Clottey, he could set-up a big rematch against Mosley. He also showed interest in fighting Pacquiao but it's less likely to occur.

7. Israel Vasquez, 45 PTS (43-4-0 31 KOs)

It's been a long time since he last fought but the boxing world is still in awe after "Magnifico" magnificently prevail over Rafael Marquez. He was stripped of his WBC title last January because of inactivity as a result of an eye-surgery.

Next Fight: TBA

Analysis: I'd love to see a fourth chapter in the Vasquez-Marquez rivalry but it seems that the first three wars resulted in long-term damages to both protagonists.

8. Paul Williams, 38 PTS (36-1-0 27 KOs)

The "Punisher" is perhaps one of the most avoided fighters in the sport, pound for pound. At 6'1" he is considered extremely tall for a welterweight. He's fresh from a successful campaign in 2008 and is poised to rule the 154lbs and 160lbs divisions.

Next Fight: April 11, against Winky Wright

Analysis: He is the king of the super welterweights but I'd love to see him move up in weight and fight Kelly Pavlik

9. Ricky Hatton, 13 PTS (45-1-0 32 KOs)

Hatton, the hard-hitting Member of the British Empire (MBE) has ruled the 140lbs division for quite some time now. He's non-stop pressure is his main arsenal. He has fought the and defeated the likes of Kostya Tszyu, Jose Luis Castillo and Paulie Malignaggi.

Next Fight: May 2, a mega-fight against Pacquiao

Analysis: An upset against Pacquiao is big and will open so many opportunities. First off is a rematch with Mayweather.

10. Chad Dawson, 12 PTS (28-0 1NC 17 KOs)

Dawson, the undefeated light-heavyweight champion of the world hasn't even reached his peak. I believe that there's so much more in Dawson after scoring wins against Antonio Tarver and Tomasz Adamek. He might took the initiative and be the torch bearer of the heavier divisions.

Next Fight: May 9, a rematch with Antonio Tarver

Analysis: A very promising young fighter. A rematch with Adamek could set the score once and for all.

Other fighters receiving votes...

Floyd Mayweather 10 Pts, James Kirkland 8 Pts, Nonito Donaire 7 Pts, Kelly Pavlik 6 Pts, Ivan Calderon 4 Pts, Chris John 3 Pts, Tomasz Adamek 2 Pts, Arthur Abraham 2 Pts.

Side Notes:

There were 8 Pts for Klitschko.. I just don't know if it's for Vitali or Wladimir...


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