Breaking Down Auburn's Quarterback Battle

Ryan WilliamsContributor IApril 7, 2009

The quarterback position was a key problem that held Auburn back from its full potential last season. Not only were the quarterbacks unable to step up and take the position that was staring them in the face, but..

They played lackadaisically once they were given the chance to take command of the offense in regular season games.

It may have been because they were scared of making a mistake that would cost them the position or because they couldn't handle the pressure upon their shoulders.

Neither one of those explanations can excuse their terrible performances.

I have heard that the fear of losing is greater than the will to win, and I'm hoping a quarterback will be able to reverse that phrase. The quarterback that does this will take the starting job.

That being said, let's take a look at the contenders and the pretenders:



  • Kodi Burns JR #18
  • Chris Todd SR #12
  • Barrett Trotter RS FR #14
  • Tyrik Rollison FR
  • Clint Moseley FR
  • Neil Caudle JR #19


  • Brent Poole FR #16
  • Robert Cooper FR

Key Departure(s)

  • None to speak of


Here we are again, without a sure leader of the pack for one of the most important roles on the team.


Starting with the guy who does not deserve another chance to start: Chris Todd

Coming in, Tony Franklin talked about so much of the experience Chris Todd had in the system. Personally, I thought Todd looked like he was in an unfamiliar city without a GPS system to help him find his way.

I believe the only reason he was in the running for the starting job was that he met Franklin in high school and had a connection with him there. It's not coincidental that a QB transfers halfway through his college career to a school with a quarterback that was already a fan favorite the same year that they hire an offensive coordinator that he had met in high school.

Right now he isn't even taking snaps since he is recovering from shoulder surgery. I can almost guarantee you he won't be taking snaps in the regular season either.


Next, I'll talk about Kodi Burns.

Talk about a major letdown.. The previously ranked No. 5 quarterback in the 2007 class has hardly been "electrifying" or "exciting to watch" contrary to what his player bio reads. I couldn't wait to see him on the field his freshman year. He was hyped up to be a phenom.

In his new Bleacher Report Bio, I'll deem him as careless with the ball and unable to handle pressure.

I would repetitively tell myself at the start of the year that it was the receiver’s fault or the defensive player just made a great play when he threw interceptions. But flukes that happen over and over are not flukes—they are the general plays that you can expect from him. Guz Malzahn recruited this player for Arkansas, one of his final two choices. He saw potential and maybe he can get Kodi Burns back to where he should be.


What can you expect from the No. 2 dual threat quarterback in the country, Tyrik Rollison?

According to his Facebook statuses, he is "ready to start for Auburn" and is going to qualify. He also asked all of his fellow Facebook friends a question: "What's on my mind?”

Fortunately he also gave an answer and some encouragement in the same status to help keep me from becoming confused, "An SEC CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Let's get it!!!!”

Obviously Tyrik has swagger and confidence.

That could help him become our starter for next year. A leader needs confidence in their abilities with enough swagger to go along with it. 

So far he's said some big things, and we'll see if he will back it up.


Caudle, Trotter, and Moseley are all contenders as well.

Caudle was a 4 star recruit coming out of high school, and was ranked as the #10 quarterback in the 2006 class according to It's obvious he is a contender. Trotter almost had the redshirt taken off of him last year so he could come in and have a chance to start in a game and show everyone what he had, so you know he's right up at the top with the other quarterbacks.

As for Moseley: You don't win Mr. Football in the state of Alabama for nothing. He has potential, and we'll wait and see what becomes of him. These three may be underdogs, but they are not players to be taken for granted. Don't count them out. One of them may very well surprise us all.



I don't rest my head knowing that we have a proven starter at this position, and that is beyond irritating.

They have scholarships to play football, but none have proven themselves worthy of them yet.

Step up or sit down...upon the bench. That would be my message to these guys.

The one thing I know for sure is that I do not want this quarterback controversy to go into the season, or it will restrain us yet again. 

Man up and prove yourselves!


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