5 WWE Entrance Themes That Need to Be Reused or Given to New Superstars

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 11, 2013

5 WWE Entrance Themes That Need to Be Reused or Given to New Superstars

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    A number of quality WWE entrance themes currently sit unused in wrestler-theme limbo, songs that would work great for another Superstar.

    WWE is certainly not beyond rehashing the old. Randy Orton briefly used the music CM Punk walked down the ramp to before, "Cult of Personality."

    Should WWE bring up more guys from NXT or sign additional performers from the independent ranks, the company has a stock of excellent entrance themes that beg to be reused. These often aren't completely associated with the former user because that wrestler didn't stick around long or are already forgotten.

    Why should composer Jim Johnston start from scratch when these five songs can be recycled?

Chris Masters, 'The Masterpiece'

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    Chris Masters won't be using his symphonic entrance music anytime soon. WWE released him in 2011.

    "The Masterpiece" has the elegance and grandeur that Ric Flair, Curt Hennig or Randy Savage's entrance music had, but is also powered by a subtle touch of hip-hop. A snare snaps off in the background.

    This is the perfect music for a braggart or snob character.

    WWE is often dominated by rock music and rap, so songs like these stand out. There is something grand about this piece, making anything someone does while it’s on appear important.

Ezekiel Jackson, 'Domination'

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    Unfortunately for Ezekiel Jackson, his entrance is music was often more entertaining than his matches.

    Jackson hasn't been on WWE programming for several months due to injury. Should WWE bring him back, they should repackage him with a new gimmick and new song.

    His lack of momentum before he was hurt speaks to the need of serious change.

    That being said, "Domination" is a thumping, catchy song that someone needs to use.

    The lyrics speak of doing something amazing, skill and of course, domination. Given to a newer star, it can certainly be a pulsating backdrop to their entrance.

Kaval, 'Exploding Helmet'

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    Talented high-flyer Kaval (aka Low-Ki) had an entrance full of energy and majesty. It rumbles along with a churning guitar and heroic-sounding strings.

    WWE released Kaval in 2011, freeing up the talented wrestler to work other promotions and freeing up this song for another Superstar. Should WWE decide to call up Adrian Neville from the NXT ranks, this song would suit him quite well.

    This has a movie score quality to it. It's a waste to keep this in the WWE entrance theme vault.

    Kaval didn't stick around long enough for fans to associate him with this song. That leaves the door open for someone else to snatch it up.

Shad Gaspard, 'In a Fix'

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    Most fans will remember Shad walking to the ring to the Cryme Tyme entrance theme more so than to his own entrance song.

    "In a Fix" is a grooving tune that worthy of head bobbing.        

    A steady rocking beat gets dressed up with some fluttering strings. It's easy to imagine another wrestler sauntering out of the backstage area to this.

    Should WWE hand this off to someone new, the company can tweak it in order to make it more individualized. A few lyrics can be added or sound effects that fit the wrestler can be thrown in and suddenly an old, forgotten song is reborn.

Drew McIntyre, 'Broken Dreams'

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    Should WWE ever decide to pluck Drew McIntyre from 3MB and reintroduce him as a serious singles competitor, then by all means, he should get his old entrance song back.

    Otherwise, someone needs to use that awesome song.

    The guitar is deliciously creepy. The vocals are gritty. "Broken Dreams" is entrance music you can actually listen to outside of wrestling.

    It sets an ominous mood in the opening and then bursts through the door with the power of hard rock. It's a perfect song for an entrance theme, one that is currently lying dormant.

    It's much too good to stay in that inactive state. Either McIntyre or a newcomer needs to revive it.