WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013: Is It the Greatest Class Ever?

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 11, 2013

From SEScoops.com
From SEScoops.com

The 2013 WWE Hall of Fame is set to induct former WWWF/WWE champions Bruno Sammartino, Mick Foley and Bob Backlund as well as former women's champion and WWE's lone Diva of the Decade Trish Stratus. 

And they said the Miami Heat were loaded.

It's a class spanning multiple eras and featuring superstars with incomparable resumes. It's also a class that has surpassed 2005's group (featuring a similarly impressive class of Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Iron Sheik and Jimmy Hart among others) in cumulative star power if not accomplishments.  In fact, each 2013 inductee has won WWE's top title in his or her division multiple times. 

If no other inductee is announced, this would be a first in the suddenly illustrious history of WWE's Hall of Fame. 

If every WWE Hall of Fame class was even close to having this much prestige and accolades, its only criticism would be that it did not yet have a physical building. 

Yet still with no Randy Savage to go along with the inexplicable inductions of Koko B. Ware and Drew Carey—albeit in the celebrity wing—the strong batch of inductions this year only represents progress as opposed to prestige.  And what will be a home run in 2013 for the Hall will only be a double in the big picture.

It will take years of comparably viable inductions for the WWE Hall of Fame to be taken more seriously as a definitive lifetime achievement award. 

Unfortunately, it will only take one undeserving nod for all of this to once again come under scrutiny,   no matter how hard Triple H and company worked to get Bruno to come back.