WrestleMania XXV: Why the B/R Wrestling Section Should Let It Go

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IApril 7, 2009

Going into WrestleMania, I was the bad guy. I insulted Chris Jericho, badmouthed Randy Orton's actions and puked at the thought of Edge remaining champion after the Grandest Stage of Them All.

The section responded with a series of insults and an arsenal of complaints.

Then came the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania...and the aftermath of the pay-per-view.

I just finished reading Ray Bogusz's article of his grades towards the matches of the night. It's funny how he gave every match a D or F except for the Icon vs. Icon match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker.

He and the Wrestling Nation complained about how every match except for that one was downright distasteful.

Unfortunately, the show was two days ago, and everyone is still calling it the worst WrestleMania in history.

Now why is that, Nation? Because it didn't happen the way you wanted it to happen? Because it had several plot twists that none of you expected?

Or is it because, in the words of Edge, "YOU WERE WRONG!"

Let's start with the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships. People didn't like the fact that it was a dark match just before the show went live. People didn't like the fact that The Dirt Sheet lost the bout.

People don't like the thought of The Colons being champions. But why?

This time a few years ago, Carlito was on the verge of being fired for his constant complaints about the business.

For a majority of 2008, The Dirt Sheet was constantly winning. They would lose in non-title matches against The Colons, Cryme Tyme and a host of other tag teams, but when the gold was on the line, they were unstoppable.

Now where was the fairness in that? This loss at WrestleMania proved that they were vulnerable, that they were capable of losing...

That they were indeed...human.

Then there is the Money In the Bank Ladder Match. Despite some impressive showings by all eight superstars, people poked and prodded the match like a seventh Grade Biology dissection.

They weren't happy about CM Punk winning it for the second straight time, the first superstar to do just that. But you should have seen this coming the minute that Punk qualified for the match.

Shelton Benjamin had been United States Champion for quite sometime, so it was no surprise that he went out in a blaze of glory only to come up short.

Having Mark Henry in the match was proof that the WWE was more focused on storylines involving Christian, Punk, and Benjamin.

MVP honestly had no intentions on being anything bigger than the United States Champion. Finlay hasn't held a major championship since the United States Title a few years ago. But the biggest reason he was in the match was for comedy relief via his son Hornswoggle.

In all honesty, the match itself should have warranted a grade of B, but unfortunately, because CM Punk won the match, it didn't earn the grade it was looking for.

But it went further south when Mickey Rourke clocked Chris Jericho. No one liked that one either.

But yet, this war started between Rourke and Jericho, so it was only fitting that it ended just the same way. Jericho had it coming after all the insults and all the sneak attacks.

Apologize to Jericho? Don't Bank on That. Rourke didn't apologize. Neither did Flair...and neither will I.

Then there was the Divas Battle Royal. It was good to see the women have their own personal Royal Rumble. But again, the Nation found fault in the outcome. Santino winning the match as "Santina" wasn't funny enough for you?

Would we really prefer Beth Phoenix, the 2008 Diva of the Year winner to win this battle royal? Her performance in the match was proof that if Santina wasn't winning the match, Beth sure was going to.

But again, the match got a lousy grade from the Nation. What the hell were you expecting?

Did you want Candice Michelle to be in the match doing her trademark dance? Were you wanting Mae Young to go in and do the Bucking Bronco in the corner? Did you want more Beth and less of everyone else?

Then they turned their attention to JBL vs. Rey Mysterio. Forget the fact that JBL came out thinking that he would get a warm reception, despite chastising the great state of Texas on a daily basis.

Forget the fact that Rey was competing in his first WrestleMania in two years. Forget the fact that Rey's last WM appearance ended with a victory over two future Hall of Famers in Kurt Angle and Randy Orton.

Forget the fact that he came out honoring Heath Ledger in the patented Joker outfit.

The Nation complained about the 21-second victory that Mysterio had. They complained about the fact that JBL took his ball and went home.

Is it the fact that Mysterio has defied the odds time and time again against bigger and stronger superstars? Is it the fact that no one could find themselves cheering for someone who is under 6 feet tall and weighs less than Big Show's stool samples?

But the biggest ones were the main events of the evening. Not many was happy about the fact that Undertaker was allowed to go 17-0 after getting punked for the two weeks prior to WrestleMania by Shawn Michaels.

Everyone wanted Shawn to break the streak. But everyone was upset at Shawn for hitting the shot heard round the world at last year's WrestleMania against Ric Flair.

Undertaker has earned that record by outperforming the biggest and best in the business. Diesel, Sycho Sid, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Randy Orton, Edge, Batista...the list goes on and on.

Everyone came out saying that Shawn Michaels is going to beat "The Streak." Even after hearing that 16 different times before, people found themselves jumping on the bandwagon of HBK...again.

But the biggest stomach turners according to the Nation was the two World Championship matches. Everyone wanted Edge to walk out champion. Everyone wanted Big Show to walk out champion. No one wanted Cena to walk out champion.

But didn't any of you see this coming? If not, you should have.

For weeks, we knew that whoever the World Champion would be would most likely be leading SmackDown. Big Show has size, but he can be defeated, as proven by Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and, dare I say it? John Cena!

As for Edge, no one has come out and said that they didn't like his tactics. Edge married the boss to ensure that he would get what he wants in the end.

It would be...either he gets the gold or he keeps the gold.

But without Vickie Guerrero, would Edge be just as good? Of course he would. He didn't have Vickie when he won his WWE and World Heavyweight Championships.

But ever since he returned at Survivor Series a few years ago, he hasn't been able to do it without Vickie. Yet, everyone jumped on the bandwagon...but not for the right reasons.

Cena has been compared to Hulk Hogan and The Rock. But doesn't everyone love Hogan and the man formerly known as The Rock? So what did Cena do so wrong that warrants constant insults from the Nation as well as the WWE Universe?

It's because, like The Undertaker, Cena defeated DX at WrestleMania. Like Austin, Cena defeated DX at the Grandest Stage of Them All. Unlike DX, Cena gets cheered and jeered in the same arena everywhere they go.

But instead of embracing what we all knew what would happen, we decided to degrade the match, degrade the outcome and degrade the new champion. But it didn't stop there.

The main event had everything in Randy Orton's favor. If Triple H came down with a sledgehammer, he would lose the gold.

If he used the hammer, the ref would automatically disqualify him, and Orton would become champion. So why didn't it happen like that?

Because of one man: Randy Orton.

If the Nation paid attention instead of complaining about the outcome, it was Orton who caused the official to get knocked out. It was Orton who introduced the sledgehammer to the match.

It was Orton's ego and cockiness that prolonged the agony instead of taking the victory and walking out of Houston as WWE Champion.

Then the next night, he whined and complained and made excuses about it instead of saying that he screwed himself on this one.

In all honesty, that's exactly what he did on Sunday night.

Now thanks to Vickie Guerrero, he gets a chance at the gold again...but so does his Legacy teammates...and so does Shane McMahon and The Animal, Batista.

But overall, the pay-per-view didn't live up to par for those who got practically every single pick wrong. From Shawn Michaels to Edge to Randy Orton to the Divas Battle Royal, it seemed that the Nation is holding a grudge against the WWE and WrestleMania.

I am here to tell The B/R Wrestling Nation one thing: Get Over It!

What's done is done, and there's nothing you can do to change that. You can keep complaining, but it will get you nowhere.

Everything that happened Sunday night happened for a reason, and none of you can denounce the fact that this pay per view was better than advertised.

In fact, the day after WrestleMania, the site itself had an unprecedented 100 Million views!

So 60 or 70 of the Nation didn't like the pay per view, while over One Million members of the Universe were satisfied with it.

So Ray gave the pay per view a bad grade. I gave his article a bad grade as well. He had nothing nice to say about the show as a whole. So after reading his article, I give his piece a low grade as well.

I for one was satisfied with the broadcast mainly because it didn't completely happen the way that everyone thought it would happen or wanted it to happen.

And Ray started a trend apparently, because everyone jumped on and agreed with him.

But it's clear that they don't want change. They want the same thing to happen. They wanted Shawn to beat Taker. They wanted Orton to beat Triple H.

They wanted Cena not to win the gold again. And when none of those happened, they showed more animosity to WWE than Jericho shows to the Legends.

So grade this, Nation. The show is gone and everyone has moved on from it...everyone except for you...and you...and you.


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