WWE Big Hoss Gone Bad: Tensai, Khali and the Dumbification of Giants

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WWE Big Hoss Gone Bad: Tensai, Khali and the Dumbification of Giants
From WWE.com

This past week former WWE superstar Gene Snitsky took to the airwaves to air his grievances about working with the worldwide leader. 

Once a promising prospect with the right look (6'8", 300 lbs) to make it in pro wrestling, Snitsky suffered a fate similar to many large-framed wrestlers who stick around long enough. 

He was made into a joke. 

In addition to being transitioned into "a guy who develops [WWE's] talent," during his stint with the promotion, Snitsky has also taken exception to the WWE's current treatment of Tensai.  Said Snitsky (per PWTorch):

Look at my friend Tensai. They're turning him and his character into a joke. They have coming out there and doing this goofy s--- now.

When he first started, he was killing everyone. Before you know it, now he's doing lingerie segments on Raw. I'm like, 'C'mon.' It's insulting to me as a fan, it's insulting to my intelligence - a guy who's 6'8" and 350 pounds and can probably squash 90 percent of the guys on the roster—and they have him go out and do that. It's just my opinion.

Snitsky has a point.  One will be hard-pressed to come across a giant in the annals of WWE history who was not made into a comedy act for at least a brief stretch in their career. 

Some wrestlers survive it.  Some put up with it.  Some have quit over it.  Others just get fired while doing it. 

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