"WHERE WE`RE GOING WE DON`T NEED ROADS" The Ultimate Sports Fans Dream.

Pasquarella BrettContributor IApril 7, 2009

If Doc Brown pulled up to you in the DeLorean and said "Get in!", Here are 10 must stop dates in Sports History:

October 7, 1927—Game 3 of the World Series at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees pummel the Pirates 8-1 to take a 3-0 series lead.  The magnitude of this is just to be able to see "Murderer's Row" in action.   The 1927 Yankees were 110-44, probably the greatest baseball team of all time.  On this day Lou Gehrig had a triple and a double and Babe Ruth homered.  You could pick any game, but why not the Series at Yankee Stadium.

December 28, 1958—NFL Championship Game at Yankee Stadium.  Johnny Unitas leads the Baltimore Colts in a furious rally against the New York Giants.  The Colts late drive ties the game at 17-17 with a Field Goal and forces the first "sudden death" game.  Unitas then calmly drives the colts for the winning touchdown and a 23-17 victory.  Many say this game was the birth of professional football as we know it today.

October 1, 1961—Roger Maris, the real home run king, hits home run number 61 to break Babe Ruth's season record.

June 9, 1973—The Belmont Stakes.  Secretariat crushes the competition by winning the race by a record 31 lengths. The victory also gave him the Triple Crown.  The unique thing about the race was he was actually still accelerating when the race ended.  His 1/4 times increased as he went around the track which is rare.  Most horses slow as they tire toward the end of the race.  When Secretariat died the autopsy revealed that his heart was almost twice the size of a normal thoroughbred's heart.  He is considered the greatest race horse of all time.

October 18, 1977—The World Series game 6.  Reggie Jackson hits 3 homers on 3 pitches to give the Yankees a 8-4 win over Dodgers.  The victory gives New York the Series 4-2.  I would have loved to see 9 year old Artie Lange thrown on the field by his dad when the game ended.

February 22, 1980—Lake Placid Winter Olympics.  The United States defeats Russia 4-3 in Ice Hockey on the way to winning a gold medal.  The game is widely considered the biggest upset in the history of sports. 

January 21, 1979—Super Bowl XIII.  The Steelers defeat the Cowboys 35-31 in a matchup of 2 great teams.  There were many Hall of Famer's on both sides.  Terry Bradshaw throws his first 300 yard passing game of his career along with 4 touchdowns to win MVP honors.  The Steelers become the first team to win 3 Super Bowls.

April 1, 1985—NCAA Basketball Tournament Final.  Villanova stuns Georgetown 66-64 to win the National Championship.  Villanova made 22-28 shots from the floor, that's 78%.  They were 22 of 27(81%) from the line.  They had to play perfectly to win and they did.

January 27, 1991—Super Bowl XXV.  The Gulf War was on and Whitney Houston belted out the best National Anthem rendition of all time. The Giants upset the Bills 20-19 in one of the greatest Super Bowl's.  Giants use a nine and an eight minute drive in the second half to take the lead. Mark Ingram makes the best catch and run on 3rd and 13  you'll ever see for a first down to keep one of those marathon drives going.  OJ Anderson, at age 34, wins MVP honors rushing for 102 yards.  He also gives Mark Kelso a crushing forearm shiver.

January 4, 2006—Rose Bowl.  In an Epic struggle Texas rallies to defeat USC 41-38 and win it's fourth National Championship.  In one of the greatest individual performances, Vince Young rushes for 200 yards and 3 TD's and completes 30 of 40 for 267 yards.  The game is considered one of the greatest college football games in history.

What's in your list?