NBA Dunk Contest 2013: Projecting Winner Among Unique Contestants

Jeremy Fuchs@@jaf78Correspondent IIIFebruary 8, 2013

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The NBA Dunk Contest 2013 features a number of unique contestants. They're not big-name players, but they bring unique skills to the table.

They are a mix of high-leapers and all-around incredible athletes, and they should combine to make a great Slam Dunk Contest.

Who will be the winner among this unique group of contestants?

Read on to find out. 

Eric Bledsoe

Bledsoe is only 6'1", but he can dunk with the best of them. 

Despite the small stature, Bledsoe averages 1.4 blocks per 36 minutes.

He has great leaping ability, which will serve him well in the competition. 

His lack of height should allow him to do more moves in the air, which will increase his score.

While not the favorite, Bledsoe has the ability to have some great dunks and could be a dark horse to win.

Kenneth Faried

Kenneth Faried is 6'8", 228 pounds and plays with incredible intensity. 

He'll probably have the most powerful slams of the bunch, and his energy and charisma will make him a fan favorite. 

Look for him to involve teammates for some epic alley-oops and to throw down with authority.


Terrence Ross

The rookie is the biggest unknown among the group.

While not playing big minutes in Toronto, he has put down a number of big dunks. 

He has a smooth leaping ability and good height at 6'6" to throw it down.

We don't know too much about Ross, but it is possible that he could surprise us all with a big performance. 

Jeremy Evans

Jeremy Evans won the event last year and has to be considered one of the favorites this year. His two-ball, two-hand alley-oop was impressive.

But Evans barely plays for the Jazz, and not many people know who he is. 

Evans will need to break out some new tricks in order to win.

Despite being the defending champ, Evans is a bit of a long-shot to win.

Gerald Green

Gerald Green won the event in 2007 and he's a high-flying dunk expert.

He is incredibly athletic and has insane leaping ability. He is famous for his "cupcake" dunk, where he blew out a candle on a cupcake in the middle of a dunk.

His dunks are pretty legendary and despite being just an average player, he's proven in games that he knows how to throw it down.

Green is one of the best dunkers in the NBA and is one of the best ever. 

Look for Green to put on a big performance and be one of the clear favorites to win. 

James White

Not many people know James White, but he may be the best dunker in the world right now.

His internet clips are legendary. He's an incredible leaper who can take off from the free throw line.

Ben Golliver of SI breaks down his signature move:

He’s got scissor kick dunks, through-the-legs dunks, over-the-chair dunks, around-the-back dunks, rock-the-cradle dunks, cuff-the-ball dunks, you name it.

He has all the requisite skills to win the award, and he's by far one of the favorites.


The two best dunkers are clearly White and Green. The new rules, however, will limit a final between them. The final two will include one from the Western and Conference and one from the East.

Whoever wins the battle of White and Green will win the contest.

My money is on White.

He's an absolutely incredible dunker and this is his chance to shine.

White will put on a big performance and take home the crown. 


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